YUMMY FOODS YOU NEED TO TRY! || Funny Food Challenges by 123 Go! Live

Do you want to know what does hairbrush taste like? If you're interested I can easily show you extreme food tricks that will give you all the answers!😱🤤
You'll know how to win food challenge with weird kitchen utensils, how to eat spaghetti with a hairbrush and survive bite lick and nothing challenge with your friends!
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00:02 How to eat food with a hairbrush, funny hairbrush eating awesome food prank
01:48 Funny food hacks with weird utensils
03:31 Extreme speed eating
04:46 Geometric food challenge
06:33 Funny food challenge
08:25 Bite, lick or nothing challenge
09:53 Funny behind the scenes moments
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YUMMY FOODS YOU NEED TO TRY! || Funny Food Challenges by 123 Go! Live