World's worst video card? The exciting conclusion

For part 1, see this video:
Let's build a circuit that displays an image on a VGA monitor! In part 2, I talk about how VGA uses analog RGB signals to send different color pixels to the monitor. I use an EEPROM to store an image and build a simple digital-to-analog converter to generate the color signals to successfully display an image.
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    • Yes if he gets one that has Outemu Blue switches, fast typing on this thing sounds like machine gun fire.

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  • I'm sure to those who do this kind of thing often that everything Ben did is logical and simple but to a nincompoop like me this is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. Wow.

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    • @Serious Sam don't know, you are a pro anyway I think vim is useful for large projects tho

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    • I'm using vim to write enterprise C++ code in a huge project. Now what?

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  • hah i have the same monitor and your vid almost explains why its offset on my hdmi adapter

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  • in the future "How to make a 2080ti from scratch"

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  • Still faster than NVIDIA's Ray Tracing implementation.

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  • this impressive dude makes his own video card, here I am, I can barely port forward my router successfully

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  • Wow, that's over-engineered. Why build sync signal generators in hardware when you have two unused bits per byte in the EEPROM? :P (Yeah, I know, timing requires >256 clock ticks per line; but I rather not ruin the idea by mentioning it ;) .)

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  • Man not only you know a lot of stuff you can also communicate very well, even the speed at which you talk is in that sweet spot of comprehension x information density.

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  • Im on my second year in school for electronic and i still don't know shit but this video is so interesting, i hope i will be able to understand maybe half of things you said in those 2 videos.

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World's worst video card? The exciting conclusion