World’s Largest YOUTUBE Takeover In REAL LIFE at ViDCON! | Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo and the Game Master Network plan the worlds biggest youtube takeover in 24 hours at Vidcon to save TH-vision from the Red Hood hacker!
In today’s video Rebecca Zamolo rescues RZ Twin inside the safehouse and finds a giant detective board. Matt and Rebecca realize the mystery board is actually the secret plan for the quadrant hackers to take over Vidcon. The Game Master network has 24 hours to make a master plan and decides to bring in some top TH-visionrs to help save TH-vision. Matt Steffania wears a bellman disguise while contortionist Sofie Dossi hides inside a suitcase and sneaks into the hotel room. Matt is able to distract the quadrant with his dance moves while Sofie finds the hidden key card and escapes. Ro Pansino then makes some diy cupcakes that the Merrell twins try to get the guard to eat. Since Veronica falls asleep, they must do a twin swap to trick Q and Rebecca gets the fingerprint for the key code. Cloe Couture distracts a security guard allowing Matt to get backstage and find the blackbox while Daniel gives the ZamFam bracelets as a decoy for the exchange of the micro chip. Rocky Kanaka plays hide and seek with the quadrant to get the black light but it turns into a chase. RZ twin switches places with Rebecca and learns a dance with Kyle Hanagami so Rebecca is able to use the spy gadget to find the 4-digit code. Matt is able to open the box and get the micro chip. Now, the Game Master must bring the micro chip to the super computer to shut it down. When they go inside it turns into a battle royale with the quadrant hackers and the Red Hood is able to finish building the super computer. Were you surprised with the Game Master’s twist in this? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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Sofie Dossi
Ro Pansino
Merrell Twins
Cloe Couture
Kurt Hugo Schneider
Kyle Hanagami
Rocky Kanaka
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  • Let me know if anyone spots the Rosanna clone... 👀

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  • Who can't go the vidcon and don't live we're she lives but loves Rebecca and Matt!!

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  • Rebecca your videos are so cool in a one day I wish I can meet you my where I live is 72 cataraqui Crescent

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  • The red hood is Rosanna's twin because Rosanna's twin has red lipstick and on the glass in the red hoods room there is red lipstick

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  • I love Chloe couture

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  • If TH-vision got taken down how are we still on it anyone agree

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  • Does RZ twin stand. For Rebecca zamolo

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World’s Largest YOUTUBE Takeover In REAL LIFE at ViDCON! | Rebecca Zamolo