WILL MADDIE GRADUATE? Final Test Before Graduation at Trampoline Park

This got extreme when the cops were called. First Rebecca Zamolo created "LUCKY vs UNLUCKY to TRAP HACKER Challenge in Dollhouse." Next Matt and Rebecca made "FACE REVEAL of KINGPIN - Lie Detector Test after 24 Hours Trapped & Summer Schooled." Finally the Game Master Network uploaded "TELLING the GAME MASTER the TRUTH about his SISTER." Now in order to graduate Matt and Rebecca long with Daniel and Maddie have to take the final test. When the gmn arrives at the mystery location it looks like it is an abandoned trampoline park. If everyone can get past the four challenges of bravery, thick skin and disguise we can all graduate this weekend on the rebecca zamolo channel. For some reason Maddie is a little strange. Does Maddie have a secret? Why is there a real cop following us? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.
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  • Will Maddie Graduate on Saturday?

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  • the cop is really sus

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  • Maddie had a bad grade

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  • Maddie tell your secret

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  • It’s ZOE

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  • I now no Maddie's secret she did not graduate from college and now she might graduate from the GM I fell sad for her and she's doing great 😂

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  • Am no

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  • The cop is still there

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  • She is hiding something from you and I don’t know what it is

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  • Dange Matt smith

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  • Am actually watching her videos over and over like if she post today when I finish watch that video she post today i watch another one of her videos that she did already Lol

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  • maddie I hope you can graduate and the rouge RHS is dang matt smith.

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  • Maddie get over the gost

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WILL MADDIE GRADUATE? Final Test Before Graduation at Trampoline Park