WHO KNOWS ME BETTER!? My "Girlfriend" or My Sister! (w/MyLifeAsEva) | Brent Rivera

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  • like this video if you got ANY of these questions right😳😂

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    • I love how Brent liked his own comment😄😄

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    • MrBrent98 oooo

    • Urban. Zaabella

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  • Don’t need the quotes anymore #bad fajita

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  • Brent and Eva sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G

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  • Hi

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  • "2016 was a messy year I was going thru a lot of guys" -Eva 2019

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  • Lexi is wrong cause she is dumb

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  • "Eva's right I am more afraid of spiders" which means he is still afraid of Eva's feet

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  • Lexi wins. stop that eva thing. I like Lexi because that's your sister you need to take care to your sister ok. not your friend because she is not important for you do yo know that Lexi is important for you

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  • When Ava and Brent kissed that date was mah birthday :3 :)

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  • I love you Eva

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    • Hi Lachlan

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  • Is it just me or is some of the parts where Lexi is annoyed of breva

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WHO KNOWS ME BETTER!? My "Girlfriend" or My Sister! (w/MyLifeAsEva) | Brent Rivera