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In this Epic SMP video, SwaggerSouls and Jschlatt begin to break in their new minecraft intern, Slimecicle. Within the walls of Bungerburg, Slimecicle is taught the ropes and subject to menial, torturous, and tedious labor; like getting through a Dream Minecraft Manhunt 1v5 Speedrun or anything on the Dream SMP. Just kidding (cue canned laughter). I love those guys, especially TommyInnit. He's British and a child, and some might argue that's a double disability. Would suggesting that get me cancelled? Maybe on Twitter, where people get upset over making jackbox terrible.
Since Swagger and Schlatt are genius businessmen, it would only make sense to trap Slimecicle in a horrible (for him) contract, where they get to exploit him for his unpaid labour.
However, he gets taken by Gus Johnson and Eddy Burback, and they attempt to hire and steal him from us. Little do they know that I wont give up that easily.
Why are you even reading this description anyways? This is just to optimize my views. If you made it this far then leave the word 'bunger' in the comments.
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