We bought an ambulance for the NEW RV! So many mod ideas!
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We have been looking for a new RV ever since we entered our old one into the RV demolition derby. We looked at a school bus, ice cream truck, firetruck and an ambulance! We wanted to make a good decision and get a new "RV" replacement that would be the most run and that we could mod a lot. We decided to buy an ambulance! All the lights and sirens ever work on it. Let us know what we should name it and what mod ideas we should do first! Remember to LAUGH DAILY!
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  • To test a ambulances sirens you actually have to park in a parking lot to test the lights and sirens legally

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  • it has a broken windshild

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  • so surprised siren & flashing lights still work

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  • No get a new rv like a real one

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  • If your looking to sell some lights I'll gladly take them:)

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  • Haha I live in Denver, I had my eye on this unit. I went up and drove it, but needed a few days to get some more cash. Then he sold it lol looks like to you two. I found the same ambo in Arvada for 2k with more miles. If you guys need any help or random question I am moding the same year our vans have a 7.1 IDI engine. The shore plug on the side will work if you flip the see in the back and turn the breaker on. Heads up on the blue lights. I was told Colorado law deems that they are removed. Mine came with out the beacon and they asked at the tag office if it had blue lights. Be safe and HMU

    james phillips.mediajames phillips.media5 หลายเดือนก่อน
    • And if you want your 💰back I will take it.

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