Trainsformers Remastered - Widescreen

Behold, my friends - my very FIRST TH-vision animation (from the year 2009), and recipient of over 64 million views. Though my original was deleted by HIT Entertainment, hundreds of low res copies have been reuploaded over the years. That said, I thought it might be fun to celebrate it's 10 year anniversary by expanding and remastering the original animation, and exporting a brand new widescreen version in beautiful 1080p. Providing this video survives the light of day, I may be persuaded to remaster the rest.
Hope you all enjoy this little blast from the past. More NEW stuff is on the way!
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Thanks for watching, everybody! More very soon!



  • Behold, my friends - my very FIRST TH-vision animation (from the year 2009), and recipient of over 64 million views. Though my original was deleted by HIT Entertainment, hundreds of low res copies have been reuploaded over the years. That said, I thought it might be fun to celebrate it's 10 year anniversary by expanding and remastering the original animation, and exporting a brand new widescreen version in beautiful 1080p. Providing this video survives the light of day, I may be persuaded to remaster the rest. Hope you all enjoy this little blast from the past. More NEW stuff is on the way! -James

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    • Brings back memories ✍️😇

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  • Yeah I remember watching that Thomas transformer thing it was really nice

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  • try bring back the series and fix some legal issues

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  • i didnt watch this when i was born because i thought that was too something

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  • LOL you best recognize sucka i’m number one

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  • Did you take inspiration form that Chinese bootleg toy?

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  • Am so happy it's back man I feel like a little kid I will always love this and this animation is hard and if u see whoever is reposting this call them copy cat 🐈 and go follow him on Facebook now or else I will snap like thanos

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  • Now Its time to wait for all of the rest patiently, then STEAL them again! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!

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  • Can't wait for the next episode of xombie dead ahead. Me and my twin just saw the new episode of ducktales, "nothing can stop della duck" I is mind blowing!

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  • I really hope we see Wiivengrers parodies. I loved the first one.

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  • I remember seeing this when I was 5 years old... Good memories

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  • I watched this so much when i was younger thanks for nistalgia!!!!!

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  • I have mini Spencer


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  • My nostalgia levels are literally flying through the roof!

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  • Especially without the music, you should be in the clear. I really hope you are able to remaster the rest, because a decade later, I still adore these. My own son is close to Vector's age (just turned 10 three weeks ago), so these were just a treat to share with him back then.

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  • Micheal Bay's Thomas And Friends.

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  • This had been made by throwing tomas transformers and power rangers in a blender

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  • Hey James Farr I need to talk to you please, it's for business inquiries only, please get back to me...

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    • Semidiepi

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  • Omg I remember watching this when I was 8

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    • Welcome back!

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  • Smg4 would approve

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  • Here’s hoping HIT will be more lenient this time.

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  • my act in vyond: O O O O O O HIT ENTERTAINMENT HOW DARE YOU DELETED THE ORIGINAL VIDEO OF JAMES FARR THAT'S IT YOUR GROUNDED FOR 999999999999999999999999(A MILLION YEAR LATER)9999999999999999999999999999999999999

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  • Childhood is happier

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  • not all heroes wear capes...

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  • Michael bay got nothing on this

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  • I lost it when the computer said "copyright infringement issues".😆😆😆😆😆

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  • So basically transformers but Thomas the train style

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  • *_Transforms_* *_Transforms and has a robot mode whos size 20 times of that normal train_* Subspace storage pocket and parts compression. i know i know.

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  • God I remember this from when I was 5 god damn this is so nostalgic

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  • Can you remake the Trainsformers website once again, please?

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  • You dont need rails to go to the grave

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  • Here is something random. I turned on the auto-generated captions. This is what they said. Narrator: After a long day at Sodor cybernetics, Thomas effective were finally on their way home. Thomas: Didn't we Vector? Vector: (nothing) Thomas: You sit. Trouble Tron: The island of Sodor needs your help. Spencer the steam it has gone berserk. He's transformed himself into a giant robot fighting machine called Vega train. Vector: Rock Trouble Tron: Please hurry, he's causing confusion and delay throughout the city, not to mention massive copyright infringement issues. Help us Specter and Thomas. You're our only hope. Thomas: Buckle up, Vector. This looks like a job for life Thomas fry. Life Thomas Fry: Mega-tree, we're all blessed your brothers. Mega-tree: (nothing) Life Thomas Fry: I think somebody's having too much fun. You best recognize, animal war. Random woman: A number of legal departments. Narrator: Yeah probably, oh, I mean, Once again the day was saved, by Optimus Prime (WRONG!). Effective to.

    Matthew JacobMatthew Jacob23 วันที่ผ่านมา
    • Thanks for giving me a good laugh

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  • HiT Entertainment (Thomas & Friends Trains Formers 1)

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  • 0:48 *Thomas breaks the fourth wall.*

    Comic Fan 13Comic Fan 1323 วันที่ผ่านมา
    • This was in 2009 right? And that James Farr got copyright strikes in 2012

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  • Good to see my childhood returns

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  • Ah, the memories...

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    • :)

      James FarrJames Farr23 วันที่ผ่านมา
  • Please upload HD versions of the rest!

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  • Trainsformers, locomotives in disguise.

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  • One word: *CHILDHOOD*

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  • When you had your childhood memory back but better

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  • Can't let you do that, HiT! James has ordered us to take you down! (insert HiT president name), long time no see! James's enemy is my enemy!

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Trainsformers Remastered - Widescreen