TOY STORY Forky vs Shiloh and Shasha - Onyx Family

TOY STORY Forky vs Shiloh and Shasha - Onyx Family
Shasha has a new toy that she made...Forky! Shiloh is not impressed at all, but to Shiloh's surprise Forky is alive! #toystory
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  • My summer is going so wonderful

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  • Why did you throw Forky in the trash Shasha

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  • Forky

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  • Four key named self Ash trash but Sasha never believed him

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  • good

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  • At 2:38 He Grabs Forky hahah

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  • i just want to say did you see the hand on forky

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TOY STORY Forky vs Shiloh and Shasha - Onyx Family