The BEST Way To Deliver A BABY | Cartoon-Box 70

The BEST Way To Deliver A BABY | Cartoon-Box 70
pregnant cartoon | pregnant animation | how to deliver a baby
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Created by Joost Lieuwma.
Produced by Frame Order.
A woman is pregnant and ready to give birth to her baby. Will she succeed?
Written and directed by Joost Lieuwma
Storyboard by Jory de Graaf and Joost Lieuwma
Voice acting by Daan Velsink
The Cartoon-Box series has all different kind of subjects. From fairy tale parody cartoons to superheroes cartoons, from movie parody cartoons to relationship cartoons. Most of the cartoons have a dark edge. They all combine the same aspects: funny videos, funny animation, Funny cartoons, cartoon parody, cartoon parodies, funny animated cartoons, obscure comedy, animated comedy, weekly cartoons, and dark comedy. Not all cartoons are suited for young children.
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The BEST Way To Deliver A BABY | Cartoon-Box 70
pregnant cartoon | pregnant animation | how to deliver a baby
Copyright 2017 Frame Order and Joost Lieuwma



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The BEST Way To Deliver A BABY | Cartoon-Box 70