the basic VSCO girl transformation

haley and i decided to complete our vsco girl transformation by doing the most basic typical vsco girl things for a day in this video! we were pretty basic before but now look at us! aw!!!
no but we just thought it was funny how almost every teenage girl uses vsco and especially in the summer we all do pretty much the same things, or a least a lot of the same things. so we tried to do them together. let us know what basic things we missed, AFTER you share this video with 5,000 of your friends.
and watch the all nighter video we filmed because we’re SO delusional in it
remember to be a VSCO GOD you have to use the filters: F1, C7, & C1. yellow is your favorite color, you don’t know how to be sad, lulu lemon is your religion, you are quirky, your hydro flask is your oxygen tank, there is no other car besides a jeep wrangler, and omg don’t forget to do it for the DSCO.
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thank you for watching and supporting me i love you so incredibly much and i'll see ya in the next video!
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  • cabbose playzcabbose playz19 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
  • Hi Hannah, enjoyed your video on transformation, so I went on amazon and also found something that can be good for the environment but also travel friendly "reusable straw by whirl peace" they seem to be new and unique looks really cool and fashionable thought you might be interested in having a look 👀 alright thanks for the awesome video #savetheturtles but with fashion.. ;)

    Nate SNate S5 วันที่ผ่านมา
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  • 2:20 ''Send this to your 5 closest friends, Tour grandma, your mom...'' Whhahaha

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  • Saving the planet by having a reusable water bottle and driving one of the most polluting cars? Mmm...okay?

    MissMoontreeMissMoontree16 วันที่ผ่านมา
  • 5:01 what does that look from Haley even mean?!?! xx

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  • An i opp sksksksksksksksk

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  • 5:03 ummmm what was that about

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  • Aren't these the same kind of girls who used to get the shit kicked out of them in the 90s? lame ass little plastics

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  • WAIT I TO TO THAT LAKE Oh .. bc it’s Lake Michigan LOL but I go through that opening I remember bc I lost a tooth in the tunnel when I was little

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  • Love u so much can I have the prize piz

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  • U guys are sooo funny 😆

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  • And of course my crush turned into a VSCO girl... God help me

  • So like 90s....?

  • I shard with 20 friends I really want to when because my fame is loosing a lot of money right now but if I don't when then i understand

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  • anyone looking for vsco stickers I found the best out there!! thank me later

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  • Hannah do you live in Grand Haven?

  • Really dumb.

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  • don’t wear band shirts if u don’t listen to the band. bitches take a damn seat

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  • hey guys, please!! tell me what camera the photographer is using?!

  • Uhh.... 5:02 ?? I low key like Haley but if that disgusted expression is about what I think it is that's honestly so horrid and disgusting-- never pegged Haley as islamaphobic but she has been giving off really bad vibes recently :/

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  • so funny together daww, I tried this too! :)

  • I didn't think these things were real, I actually want to die

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  • that wasn't nice when haley was like sassy about the people behind them I feel baddd they were just a family eating together *laughing emoji sry im on my Mac so idk how to do emojis anyone have some advice

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the basic VSCO girl transformation