Sub Urban - Cirque [Official Music Video]

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Director - Andrew Donoho
Story & Creative - Sub Urban
Producer - Valerie Bush
Executive Producer - Ryan Huffman
Production Company - Huffman Creative
Head of Production - Luke Arreguin
Manager, Production - Katie Sarrels
Production Supervisor - Julio Mata Jr.
Production Manager - Christine Park
Production Coordinator - Chris Fish
Label - Warner Records
VP of Creative Services - Devin Sarno
VP of A&R - Stefan Max
Bella's MGMT - Aryan Mahyar
Director Rep - Doug Klinger
Director of Photography - Nick Bupp
1st AC - Bryce Platz
2nd AC - Dusty Saunders
Steadicam - Erdem Ertal
DIT - Sydney Schnurrenberger
BTS - Lorenzo Belassen
1st AD - Peter Maestrey
2nd AD - Dustin Godwin
Gaffer - Blake Farmer
BBE - Isaak Van Der Meulen
Electric - Joe Escandell
Electric - Matt Tuppen
Key Grip - Alex Picasso
BBG - Mikey Tell
Grip - Jose Aguilar
Grip - Ryker Wells
Grip - Daniel Vlahos
Grip - Nathon Giordano
Production Designer - Tyler Jensen
Art Coordinator - Marisa Papavero
Set Decorator - Sandra Victori
Set Dresser - Joseph Salcedo
Leadman - Danny Erb
Set Dresser - Eric Moore
Set Dresser - Jesse Hotchkiss
Set Dresser - Cesar Mojica
Set Dresser - Jason Smith
Set Dresser - Tony Barber
Stylist - Lisa Madonna
Stylist Assistant - Chelsie Baker
BP Hairstylist - Rachel Lita
BP Makeup - Kenna Reef
BP's Team - Becky Bolton
Two Feet's Team - Geoffey Hufford
HMU Department Head - Alex Perrone
Key Hair/Makeup - Mazena Puksto
Hair/Makeup - Joanna Klein
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Production Assistant - Nigel Cox
Production Assistant - Libby Stewart
Production Assistant - Elle Keseley
Production Assistant - Nick Reynolds
Production Assistant - Melody Gonzalaz
Casting Director - Michael Beaudry
COVID Compliance Officer - Cerra Mendez
Stunt Coordinator - Webster Whinery
Stunts - Jose Luis Vasquez
Stunts - Vinny O'Brian
Stunts - Brian McCoy
Stunts - Rowbie Orsati
Stunts - Craig Jenson
Editor - Andrew Donoho
Assistant Editor - Sydney Schnurrenberger
Colorist - Jacob McKee
VFX Creature Animation - Picture Wizards
VFX Simulations - Senzo Studio
Compositing Supervisor - Andrew Donoho
Compositor - Ryan Game
Rotoscoping - Purple Patch
Mobster - Ego Mikitas
Mobster - Matthew Dorio
Mobster - Anthony Amorello
Burlesque Dancer - Jenna Stockman
Burlesque Dancer - Michelle Dion
Burlesque Dancer - Angel Rodriguez
Burlesque Dancer - Leah Ficarola
Police Officer - Zachary Chicos
Police Officer - Al Burke
Poker Player - Dan Gregory
Poker Player - David Alan Graf
Poker Player - Yolanda Esquivel
Poker Player - Zone Sheats
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Mobster/General Extra - Michael Doran
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General Extra - Hannah McBryde
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General Extra - Miki Kaneko
Hear her talkin' 'bout that mainstream
Got it real easy like she got the callback
Droppin' underneath that eave breeze
Wanna watch her knees weak
When they pass my name back
You know you sound c*cky as f*ck
But go and try, good f*ckin' luck
So if you ask to come and see me
Show some f*ckin' dignity
Don't tell me how to live life
And I make it go (Boom), back at it again
Don't need to be in love to have a little romance
Sing it on the spot to watch the crowd dance
And even if they're petrified, I hear their hearts prance
And I can be free from raw tyranny
Man, f*ck my emotions, they're ghostin' and moanin' all day on repeat
We can fall in love or we can go insane
We can play it rough or we can, we can play it safe
Don't matter what's above, our destinies are made
Why give us f*ckin' lemons if I can just buy lemonade?
And I make it go (Boom), back at it again
Don't need to be in love to have a little romance
Sing it on the spot to watch the crowd dance
And even if they're petrified, I hear their hearts prance
And I can be free from raw tyranny
Man, f*ck my emotions, they’re ghostin' and moanin' all day on repeat
('Round and around we go)
('Round and around we go)
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  • Hehe I know his tik tok

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  • Wtf its happened in that car?????

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  • I feel like he's the future version of that kid from Stranger Things. Yall know who I'm talking about

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  • This music and the video is epic the part where he comes out of the green portal is the most coolest part

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  • I think he enjoys violence :)

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  • Sub urban do this vidio clips whith the drugs efects

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  • everyone's confused why bella poarch got famous for doing nothing and they're bashing her for that but- i mean- JUST-- LOOK AT HER! SO FREAKING GORGEOUS! so stfu insecure beings if u got nothing nice to say. just go home, eat your cereal and sleep cuz nobody needs your opinion

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  • In the end they played Uno

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  • love this song

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  • I have a feeling the music video itself, not song, is supposed to be a prequel to the music video of Freakshow

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Sub Urban - Cirque [Official Music Video]