SPY NINJAS vs HACKER PZ9! Competing in World's Largest Obstacle Course Bounce House to Reveal Daniel

After Chad Wild Clay made CWC vs HACKER BATTLE ROYALE! Finding Clues about Daniel's Lost Memories and Floor is Lava Challenge, Vy Qwaint created WE BATTLE HACKERS in WORLD'S BIGGEST BOUNCE HOUSE to REVEAL Secret Files of Daniel's Memory, and Daniel uploaded HACKERS TRAP ME in MAZE! Spending 24 Hours in Worlds Largest Bounce House vs Hide and Seek Challenge to the Exposing Project Zorgo TH-vision channel the Spy Ninjas follow PZ9 to the World's Largest Bounce House to get secret information about Daniel's past! At the bounce house, we encounter hackers including PZ9 who have envelopes containing secret files of Daniel memories. PZ9 leads the Spy Ninjas into the huge airSPACE Maze where they need to track down hackers who have secrets of Daniel's past while avoiding other hackers who try to deceive the Spy Ninjas! PZ9 gets out of the escape room maze and leads us to an obstacle course challenge! CWC defeats PZ9 in a bounce house battle royale using his spy ninja skills and gadgets. PZ9 gives us clues on Daniel's mom and family, his talents and his secret past. Hopefully this will restore Daniel's memory! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2019!
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  • Happy Saturday SPY NINJAS! We need to beat PZ9 to learn more about Daniel!

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    • Vyissonis

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    • Chad what about Regina

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  • The safe code is 3109

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  • It's Daniel's DNA

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  • Project Zorgo is always watching

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  • It was so funny when pz9 fell 😂😅😆

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  • You are the best Chad and V and Daniel and Regina not PZ9

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    • Love Emma

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  • The baby is daniel

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  • I am a big fan 55 , but I think 3rd St . Louis . I will have the same thing . I'll try to find out how you can also use it for you . I'm sure it is . 9 9 474uii3tjfisi 5th St 5th 5 TX and it will be the same thing with a new phone and it will be a great time to time and I will not be the first to review and retain this document is a little while . I'll be

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  • Hei chad ju ar de best ninja

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  • Fgteev Fgteev Fgteev

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  • That is Daniel

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  • Vy you are my feyfut spy NiNJA

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  • That's Daniel

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  • I'M a ha hacker because I hack in hack project zorgo

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  • Hey chad

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  • No pz9

  • The wow is Mom

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  • DahaA

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  • DAN

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  • Is a chad

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  • The note saidmom

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  • I always confuse so

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  • I love you’re videos💗🥰💖

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  • That was not wow it spelled mom

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  • Mom

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  • Pz9 sucky at the time but look at him now😻😸😺😽👾

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  • He is a musician and he can play a guitar and he is that baby

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  • 9219

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  • Can we video call I’m the biggest fan I watch your all of your TH-vision channel’s all the time again every day I watch all your channels each day paper paper said up the letter start with your channels to each day and that’s what I’m gonna watch

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  • No it’s PZ9

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  • Vy lose cause she didn't play fair

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  • Vy is cheating

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  • USO’s is

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  • Wait it Ashley said Mom

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  • Peezy nine was taunting you when you were talking about the ☎️

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    • BVC XWH

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    • Yeah pz9 is so rude I don't like him

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    • That's not peezy nine that's pz9 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    • Like it

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  • The envelop is not wow it means MOM

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  • I now

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  • His real name is melvin

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  • It was so funny when Regina went so hard

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  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Y’all think it’s Wow actually says mom.

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  • That looks like Morgzfest

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  • 32

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  • Regina is shouting to much

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  • I am not rude but there is so much difference between Regina and others Regina Is so much talkative

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  • A B C D

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  • Vy your the best 🙋‍♀️

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  • Check on the back. 😁

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  • DNA

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  • I think it is Daniel 🙎

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  • Daninl

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  • Danlina

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  • Melven fell off when he was running

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  • Vy

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  • PZ9 youSuckBecause you are cheating

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    • True

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  • Pz9 name is Melvin dan use to sing at the saff house he knows about it before pz3 showed you

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    • Are u watching in 2020

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  • Jazae🎟🏐

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  • Daños dienei

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  • They were not not be able to get the best of the bunch of other people are paying attention to their community profile yet to see all the time and then I'm not a fan of t Pz1 lives in New York

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  • look the blue shoes i have a crush on vy

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  • Pay is a😈😼👹👺👿🐭

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  • That note doesn’t say wow it says mom

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  • No its not

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SPY NINJAS vs HACKER PZ9! Competing in World's Largest Obstacle Course Bounce House to Reveal Daniel