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Written, Directed and Edited by Alex Bale
Production Assistant Alex Ryan and Lyndsie Zimmerman
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0:00 - Intro
3:02 - The Movie Neptune
7:10 - King Poseidon
10:49 - The True God of the Sea
18:19 - The Atlantean Aliens
19:31 - Conclusion



  • The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: skl.sh/alexbale07211

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    • Roo

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    • Conspirisy #6 next

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    • Hv

    • What about the aliens in the one episode where spongebob had to make statues of himself for the jellyfish

      Hunter SnyderHunter Snyderวันที่ผ่านมา
    • really? first off you forgot that Poseidon is the greek god of the seas. remember the movie little mermaid? he wouldn't let his royal daughter Ariel go to land and marry a human even after she goes up to the surface after making a terrible deal with the sea witch Ursula.

      Soha AijazSoha Aijaz2 วันที่ผ่านมา
  • That’s like saying why is there different jokers. Suicide squad, joker, joker from Batman - like idk how else to put it it’s just different versions

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  • Definitely make great videos 💯 keep doing your thing

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  • In the prop room, there's also the poster that says Finland, which I think is tied to the Doodle Bob episode where Patrick yells FINLAND after getting hit in the head

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  • It’s about time to post the 6th one don’t you think!?

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  • Plot twist: The aliens spongebob showed are actually older versions of the aliens and Neptune actually created the new ones and used his powers to make them worship him

    Enchanted SaiyanEnchanted Saiyan6 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
  • You know how Mr Krabs Mister in his name Whip and mrs. Crabs wait is mr. Krabs Grandma his wife

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  • Pls do more

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  • hey alex what gives ? i need another theory bro

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  • I just thought about this. I'm one to think that the series Neptune and the movie Neptune are brothers, and Posiden just so happens to be a either a relative or a close friend. It's SpongeBob, it's supposed to be weird.

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  • Poor Alex man 😂

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  • I have a conspiracy... Alex Bale gets his information from the inside.

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  • As far as I can tell, the only piece of evidence to suggest that the first spongebob movie is at the end of the timeline is the absence of Mermaid Man and Barnicle Boy... :(

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  • there needs to be a patrick theory for the patrick star show

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  • Neptune, Triton, Poseidon

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  • Hi Alex, PLEASE also make Phineas and Ferb theories

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  • Alex, can you PLEASE make a theory about Patrick's stupidity, I just get this sick feeling that there's something deep behind it

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  • Well i think your non SpongeBob vids are cool and i really enjoyed them! Keep making a videos you love!

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  • Don’t worry you’re horror films are great 👍

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  • He is soooo rong.

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    • What is he wrong about?

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  • Feel bad for Alex for the way people criticise him💔

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  • Learn Greek methodology Apolo is not God of sun helios is

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  • Don’t forget every 1 million views is 4000$ and then plus ad revenue every video, he’s making a lot of views with these, he does get money from this, he isn’t a slave to anyone asking for the SpongeBob stuff he just gets money and views from it aswell nothing bad

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  • Bro this is so good

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  • Make more you SpongeBob boy!

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  • Okay, hear me out. The weirdest episodes I've seen on season 6 are episodes 123rd and 124th also known as Truth or Square. Could you please look into it? Sandy and SpongeBob are legally married in one of those episodes-

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  • I feel bad about your dilemma of only being able to make SpongeBob videos without any backlash

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  • I love your Spongebob videos but I think people should love your films and other vids too. I liked your Pizza Time Pizza ARG. Also, WHO IS THE GUY?!!?!

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  • One minute in and I'm dying of laughter 😅🤣

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  • That was truly awesome the reaction vids I'm running into r truly unnecessary

  • 牛逼啊

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  • is Mr. Krabs the voice?

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  • I've got a conspiracy theory about the Power Puff Girls. Their actual origin is much darker than what the show's intro describes. The intro shows the professor mixing 'sugar and spice and everything nice' But SOMETHING GOES WRONG. And just like that, there they are, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. Let's look at the night of their birth more closely. In one episode, (must find) we see the professor's bedroom. He sleeps in a double bed, and for a split second, we see a framed photo on the dresser. The professor is posing with a lady-presumably his wife.What happened? I believe the girls were conceived,and born the normal way.The modifications that make them superheroes were done in vitro, while Mrs. Utonium was carrying them. His wife died in child birth, possibly in the professor's lab.This could have been a result of treatments she received, or, more tragically, delivering superpowered triplets was too much for her. There are scenes from other episodes which seem to back this up.

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  • He is not the only one that has power

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  • Hey him to 500000 subs

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  • SpongeBob is like money once you used it get a new one

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  • Do more

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  • I love these spongebob conspiracy theories as the rest of you guys but you don't need to attack Alex bale with his horror films

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  • Trident had long luxurious hair when he was young but was bald in the movie, I could see that as a thing

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  • What if he runs out of spongebob theory's

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  • These videos are gold, cant wait for more 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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  • Do a theory on Patricks parents I mean.. Thats a true mystery!.

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  • Alex you do you dont give a fuck about what people think of your videos and they dont have any right to tell you what to do

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    • @Some Crazy Name agreed

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    • Yeah, just like the viewers have a right to unsubscribe if they don’t enjoy the videos he makes. Everyone can do whatever they want

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  • Watching this video for the 100th time is definitely important for my biology test tomorow.

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  • SpongeBob Age Theory Please

  • When is the new theory??.....??...

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  • Big Karen Energy

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    • from the tin foil guy

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  • I have a idea how does spongebob know that the king had his power made by aliens

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  • I know how it’s late but can I use your SpongeBob theories for my videos

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  • Alex Bale to be honest Make whatever content you want, as long as you not recording yourself breaking the law, or doing the Logan Paul Make whatever videos your heart desires

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  • I think my favorite thing about these is how many times he pretends to end the episodes.

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  • I just thought they were collage roommate and shared the seas

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  • FYI, Spongebob's Guitar is called the Gibson Goober.

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  • it this one episode that was banned in America and they get locked in for being sick and mr krabs talks about how he used lock is old crewmate in the freezer and leave them there idk it gave twisted vibes and miss puff was happy when spogebob got locked in the freezer left to die its called kwarantined krab

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