SML Movie: Officer Jeffy!

Jeffy becomes a police officer!




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  • Hey i love your video you make me smile

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  • I want to be a cashier at KFC

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  • Especially Jessie really really heavy so severe you so funny 😂

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  • Gay

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  • 6:28

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  • I of home you jffy

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  • Actually I want to be a police

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  • Being a musician

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  • TH-visionr

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  • What do you wanna be when you grow up: A sinentist

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  • SML is the fest

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  • Raindrop on roses and beating the homeless Kicking small children alone in the forest.

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  • 1:33 that's all I can say!

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  • 7:19 black yoshi is so dellusional 10:05 jeffy is so stupid

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  • My dream job is being an animater

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  • 0:23 Mario Is Jumping Around!

  • my dream job is to be a teacher and i want to teach 3rd grade

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  • my dream job is popo XD for real tho.

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  • I. Wont. to. Dat

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  • So funny!

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  • My dream job is to be a DJ if I even can

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  • PeePee

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  • PeePee

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  • 8:33 License And Regimistrases

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  • The people on Facebook are probably agree with the cop

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  • Jeffy stopped Ooo k😡

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  • 12:20

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  • If he is the officer why he not become a cop in the other video

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  • don't be po po be pee pee!

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  • Make this like:i like when the rober call hem"stuped nobody tell me stuped"and punching him And he save the day

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  • Fire man or 👮 popo

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  • Easter egg the cop suite says Goodman

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  • To not be a hobo

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  • If you have a child and you’re a grown-up and the news guy calls you and say come to the library your daughter needs to stay home with a babysitter right now because if you don’t you’ll be fired and you’re going to babysit some one else!

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  • Police

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  • Why is Footlong Bangers ALWAYS getting robbed? 🤣

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  • I want to join the army

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  • *so*

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  • Its so funny when Mario moves son fast

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  • I have a friend named Nigur and he wants you to say hi

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  • 0:24 ppl on da dance floor be like

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  • He's 15

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  • Funny

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  • look at jiffy's nametag it says goodman

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SML Movie: Officer Jeffy!