SML Movie: Jeffy The Karate Master!

Jeffy has to defend himself against a creep!




  • Jelly. Eg. Anna. Petra

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  • I dint have to

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  • Jerry I was a jamp a guy done that and I went bop

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  • 2015: free candy 2020: free wifi me: hmmmm seems ligit

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  • "he got that cash" XD

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  • 8:02

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  • 7:57 This part is the perfect TH-vision advertisement for the nest hello

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  • I can see Pablo in the video

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  • Pubies in the security camera

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  • I ment funny

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  • That was the weirdest but gunny laugh

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  • Jeffy: raaar daddy I’m a stomposaurus Rex Captions: well Daniel mice don’t be short Rex let

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  • Ya hear me 😂

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  • 6:37 HHHss _don’t hiss at me_ HHH _Stop it_ HHS _jeffy you stay in bed your not allowed to go outside okay?_ *HHHAUUUH* HHHISS _UHH_

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  • Halloween an Easter you get free candy andbesides his own teacher is a karate teacher how come you can't teach karate to him

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  • 6:37 why am I watching this 😂

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  • The worst time was when had diarhea in the office

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  • Were safe, they caught the butt tickling man

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  • "Jeffy don't hiss at me"😂

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  • Make hissing his new thing

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  • I love it

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  • My sister hit me in the mouth with a golf club when I was 2, so I lived with a grey tooth for 8 years of my life, and she could have blinded me

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  • You can see poblo in the camera

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  • The worst thing that happened to me is what my brother reads mean and when I get bullied

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  • 0:24 7:00 8:23 do you think they haft to warn the neighbors when they do these types of scenes?

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  • Oh my reaction skill sucks

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  • My teeth got knocked out playing cricket

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  • My dad died 2013

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  • Local candy man Arrested for giving out *candy*

  • 8:42 Scooby Doo Reference

  • I never speak to strangers and this vid is pretty good too

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    • The

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  • I already know how to fight

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    • tk. angei99 me to

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  • What is this ? Did they change it

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  • 0:51 I love it when he says that 🤣🤣💕

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  • Wtf is a Blacky Chan 😂

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  • Hey little boy I’ve got some candy

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  • Getting in trouble for the whole day at school

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  • the worst thing that happened to me was when i got rejected at least they tasted good afterwards

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  • Just do not be a creep

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  • I think the black dude is weird

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  • Life

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SML Movie: Jeffy The Karate Master!