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Hi. I’m Haley. And this is a story about the weirdest first date I have ever had. Well, the only first date I have ever had, to be honest, but nobody I know has had one like this, ever. So this might be interesting to you too, I guess.
Three months ago I turned sixteen and, at that point, I had not been on a single date in my life. And… It didn’t ever bother me. Different guys had asked me out several times, and there was nothing wrong with… well, most of them. But when I was talking to them I didn’t... feel anything. There wasn't the ‘spark’ that people sometimes talk about, and that’s crucial for me. I don’t want to waste time, or give anybody false hope. My sister says I should give people a chance, but I don’t see any point.
So, it all changed about two months ago when I was at a party at my childhood friend’s house. He had a birthday, and his parents were fine with leaving the house at his disposal and going out of town for several days. So, anyway, I was at this party, and I noticed a guy who kept looking at me from time to time. He was about my age and seemed very shy. He just seemed too scared to talk to me. The party was a little bit boring anyway, so I was just trying to entertain myself, thinking… what are the odds that he finally decides to speak?
And it did not take him very long. About half an hour after I saw him, he came up to me and introduced himself. His name was Jim and he was my friend’s classmate. As we were talking, he was still really really shy, but… maybe that was what I found cute after all. I felt something. I felt that I liked him. So when, in a couple of days, he texted, asking me out, I said yes. For the first time in my life.
He did not specify what we were going to do, but I never thought it would be something extraordinary. Like I thought we’d take a walk, stop by somewhere to have lunch or a coffee or something… I did not have expectations really, the only thing I wanted was to get to know him. Was that too much to expect?
Okay, now I have to mention that my family is not rich at all. You’ll understand why I mention it later. So basically, I decided to wear my favorite dress - I really love it and I feel so comfortable in it, but at the same time it’s a little quirky and pretty casual. Well… it was, because it did not survive that day.
When Jim texted me that he was by my house, I was ready to go, so I grabbed my phone, and ran out of the house. As I was walking through our front yard, I saw a car parked on the opposite side of the road. It was a fancy shiny expensive black car, I think maybe a Mercedes. Of course it caught my eye, but I didn’t pay much attention to it, I was watching out for Jim somewhere down the street. And… the street was empty. In about ten seconds one of the windows of the Mercedes rolled down, and in the backseat there was Jim in a shirt and a bowtie, he waved at me and invited me to get into the car. You should know better than to get in cars with people you barely know. Bad idea. But I was so confused… that I did it.
So Jim was in the backseat, and… there was a driver. Like… the man literally looked like a driver from the movies. He was very formally dressed, God, he even had white gloves on. He looked at me in the rearview mirror and nodded politely.
That was where the date started. We made a couple laps around the town for a reason I still have no idea about and arrived at a very expensive restaurant, one of the fanciest in our town. Jim had a reservation, it was a table for two.
So one of the few things I learned during that date was that Jim’s dad was the owner of several buildings in the city center, and a very very wealthy man.
"What was so bad about the date?" you might ask. A ride in an expensive car, a fancy dinner… Well maybe you're right, but every second of it was a disaster for me. We barely talked to each other, because in the car it was awkward since the driver was with us and he would look at us in the rearview mirror from time to time. And at the restaurant I just wanted to disappear because my outfit was so irrelevant and people were turning their heads to look at me. I got so upset I cut this dress to shreds when I got home, which I now regret.
It was over. I did not want to go out with Jim anymore, while he obviously thought our date was amazing. He kept texting me, even though I was not replying, so I just had to go through it with him and tell him.

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