Thank you Zuru for sponsoring this video. Hi it's Elliana Walmsley! Come along with me and watch staying overnight in a gymnastics gym with Piper Rockelle, my boyfriend Jentzen, and the squad. That's right everyone today the squad and I stay a whole night inside of a real cheer/ gymnastics gym. This challenge was so much fun because we legitimately had the entire facility to our selves. Also in tis video we went through a series of challenges to win cash and keep our selves entrained. Stay tuned to see how late we stay up in this overnight challenge. If you guys LOVED this challenge and wanna see more videos make sure you leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more!!♡♡♡
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Hi its Elliana Walmsley! You guys might know me from dance moms, dwts juniors, radio city Christmas spectacular, chicken girls, and more!! Come along with me and watch my crazy life as I do a variety of different videos I hope you guys enjoy! ♡♡♡



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    • War is lev. Bow

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  • When they were doing the jump thing gia was like all up on jenzean sorry if I spell it wrong but like....gia touched him and when they were doing the poses when hunter said pair up with you couple gia said jenzen like gia thats Elianas boyfriend

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  • Jia and Emily=Jily

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  • im not beaing mean or rude but elli somethime acts like a puppy but i mean that in good way!

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  • Hunter: Emily is usless when she has a laugh attack

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