My Sisters Are Jealous Because I'm Smarter than them


  • Eh the normal but it was great


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  • 2:59 noooooooo!!!! My eyes!!

  • i love this :)

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  • You adopted one seen from the movie of my Favorite Disney princess beauty and the beast

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  • Ima class nerd

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  • 11:24 when your to lazy to walk

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  • story:he is my uncle me:i did not know your uncle was hagrid

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  • I’m Russian and my great grandpa was a general in Russia but I don’t even know how to speak it because I was born in the USA

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  • Its fucking hagrid!!!!!! Its fucking hagrid!!!!!! Its fucking hagrid!!!!!! Its fucking hagrid!!!!!! Its fucking hagrid!!!!!!

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  • I hate this video BRUH

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  • I’m Russia to

  • This storys are telling that you should steal yours sister boyfriend 😟✋

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  • In all the things they found

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  • 3 days and there was three of them so they can each take a day looking for the key one day you'll have to fight for looking

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  • Uncle Ivan i guess he adopted them cause he killed his son lol

  • U could have saved for college but.... LETS GO SHOPPING

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  • It says my sisters are jealous because I'm smarter then them THATS NOT ENEN WHAT IT IS

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  • You have a third sister name Tanya or Tania bc my name is tania

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  • Their mom's brother looks like Hagrid

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  • together in paris is in the anitaua movie

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  • wait,wait,wait how is she speak english so well and she is from russia what???

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  • Anesthesia 😏

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  • Why did the girls say they wanted the money for themselves but got mad when the thought marina was going to keep it for herself?

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  • That’s not great.

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  • so what does being smarter have to do with the vid-

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  • The pacing is so flipping weird

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  • My name is Natalia

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  • Ok I'm no genius but even I knew he meant a copy of the Mona Lisa. Easiest clues ever.

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  • Hagrid this you?

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  • That feels like it is a faretale

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  • love how their aunts name is ursula

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  • I just realized it’s the when it’s a girl it’s the same person and when it’s the boy it’s the same person

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  • Hi I am beatrice mom

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  • Rushan girl huh... when whear is the acsant?

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  • Hey the uncle had my name

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  • "Together in Paris" Sound familiar Hmm...HMM...

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  • These stories are so JUICY

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  • The words " Together In Paris" Anastasia??! WAHTTT

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  • TAHAHAHA 11:37

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  • 3:58 Hehe Naruto run

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  • "huge man with a beard" *HAGRID????*

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  • Uncle lvan looks like Hagrid and also his entry was like him in the movie 🎥 🤣🤣

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  • Hey all sound the same😃

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  • Previyet

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  • This is like beauty and the beast

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  • Her: we heard loud knocking on the door Her: and a large man was standing there Me: huhhhh!? HAGRID

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  • at no point was the title relevant in this video

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  • 1 month

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  • Wtffff did I just watch

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  • Next story: I married a volcano and gave birth to fire

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  • Me:See the thumbnail Me: thinking the girl eating lolipop and reading master class and she's sister reading basic book Me:is the lolipop have powers to be smarter than you sister?

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  • lies lies lies you dont sound rusian

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  • ursula

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  • What?

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  • Mona what………

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  • 11:50 reminds me of beauty and the beast

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  • 11:25 it be like that sometimes

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  • I hate this rip off marvel intro

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  • Literally Anastasia

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  • Awww the ending was the best ❤️

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  • Marina be looking like Da gurl Elizabeth afton

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  • My aunt Ursula. that’s a freaking Disney villain not a aunt

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  • The quiz: *appears* me, saying the answer right away: MONA LISA!!!!!! no, I didn't skip the video

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  • isnt that eastwing room from beauty and the beast?

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  • Did you just say that your dad had a wife and two kids whenever they were still married and he just went to go to work at a different job in a different state

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  • Why do all the girls being voice recorded sound the same?? Don't get me wrong, I love My Story Animated, but really???

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  • Her mom's brother looks like Hagrid😂

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  • красивая жизнь красивая красивая

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My Sisters Are Jealous Because I'm Smarter than them