My Pregnancy Scare

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When Aliyah was 15 years old, she moved in with her mother after her father passed away. It was so difficult for her to deal with her loss, and to make things even more stressful, Aliyah had to go to a brand new school after her move.
On her first day, she was so scared to start her new high school and meet new people. She was really shy. But one day, she met a boy named Aaron. Aaron knew Aliyah's mom through his job, so they immediately had a connection. They became really good friends, and they eventually started dating. They got really close, and Aliyah ended up falling deeply in love with him. He was her first boyfriend and real relationship.
One day, when Aaron and Aliyah were home alone, after watching anime, playing video games and hanging out, they decided to take their relationship to the next level. They went to her room, and one thing led to another.
A few weeks later, Aliyah was with her best friend when she started to feel a pain in her stomach. When she went to the bathroom, she realized that she was experiencing a pregnancy symptom. She immediately got really nervous, so she called Aaron and he brought her a pregnancy test. Aliyah took the test a few times, and she became even more nervous and confused when the results were both positive and negative. She didn't know if she was pregnant.
Aliyah went to the doctor with her mom to get an official test. After waiting nervously, Aliyah finally got the results - she was not pregnant. Even though she had mixed emotions at first, Aliyah decided that everything ultimately worked out for the best. She did not feel ready to have a baby and become a mother at the time. When she looks back, she probably says to herself, "My pregnancy scare was a moment I'll never forget."

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My Pregnancy Scare