Hey everyone. This is Samantha's story. She recently found out that BFF, Taylor, was in love with her younger brother, Jim.
"Jim is a year younger than I, by the way. Taylor is about my age. Taylor has always been my BFF, because she grew up next door to me. I always went to her place and we would watch TV, but slowly we started going to my place more and more. I never knew why she wanted to go to my place, hers was much better. Her parents were less strict; meanwhile mine were so overprotective that they made sure that we chewed up our mashed potatoes. They said it that because they were mashed, they had the effect of being ‘pre-chewed’, causing you to accidentally choke on ‘em. I think they were mashed in the head. Also, her house was much nicer. Better TV, softer couches. Mine was slightly decrepit. You had to wear shoes, or risk getting slivers, which in turn meant you’d get an infection. Our wooden floors had aged grossly. And the walls were yellowed from my folk’s smoking habits. Plus, our TV was an old fuzzy one. Going from her house to mine was like going from an Auberge Resort to a roach infested Motel 6. But instead of room service you just got told to make your own damn mashed potatoes!
Then one day, when we were 17, I got it. It was all about Jim.
Jim, my pimple spread, deodorant ignorant, Yu-Gi-Oh loving brother. I saw how she flirted with him, and him back to her. Grossed out, I confronted her about it. She turned red, and said I had been imagining things. Maybe I was, I felt. She said she would never do anything like that without talking to me first. And so I trusted her word. However, I made sure we stopped hanging out at my house. And everything seemed fine. Seemed. I discovered they had been seeing each other without my knowledge. In fact, I caught them in the act of doing so. One day I found one her sweaters at my place. I thought that was weird, considering we didn’t hang at my place anymore. But perhaps it had been left there long ago, so I walked over to her place to drop it off. I knocked on her door, I knocked again. I knew she had just gotten home, her car was in the driveway and we just finished school. We were 18 now, by the way. So I peeked into the side window of her room. This might come off as an invasion of privacy, but we had a long history of popping up on eachothers’ windows and scaring the other person. I made sure to close the blinds when needed, just in case she might pop up at a bad time. And then, for the first time, I got scared while doing the peeping. I saw her and my brother, in her bed, doing the unspeakable. I screamed, they looked at me - staring back at them. I ran away, still with her sweater in my hand.
Then I curled up on the couch in shock. Shortly after, there was a knock at the door. I opened it. Jim and Taylor stood before me, embarrassed".



  • Bro I would've BURNED her switter and meh brothers YU-GI-OH CARDS then I would've fought her and him

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  • You

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  • The unspeakable? Really? SEX SEX SEX. Very much speakable.

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  • .... *Gunshots*

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  • Her ( OO ) _ Oo

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  • No she’s should not be your best friends if I was you I would be her up PERIOD POO

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  • Bruhhhhh I thought your little brother was 7-8 Man I was about to say " you lucky son of a gun "

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  • My Bff *SLEEPING* with my little brother Me:How bout *My Bff slept with my little brother* Or(my bff is sleeping with my little brother behind my back)

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  • 2:29 did they really spell “boo” as “buu”

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  • That nastey but good sister

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  • How old is her brother? Was wondering this from when she said "my pimple covered, deorderant ignorant, Yu-Gi-Oh loving brother"

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    • Kenna Mosley one year younger

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  • Moral of the story=Big sisters should always help their little brother score with her hot friends.

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  • What’s wrong with liking yugioh?

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  • It seems u are jealous with ur little brother and ur BFF

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  • Sex whih a little noy wow

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  • First of there is nothing wrong with Yugio she was wrong to use you for your brother and why was you staring at them lol you could of left them alone instead or screaming lol

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  • The bff is me and her brother is my boyfriend when it comes to flirting because I am so bad at it and I only flirt using emojis on my phone

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  • I like you-gi-oh too

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  • So what if that was her sister and I was your brother so with that be your sister-in-law

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  • If your brother is younger than you and best friend is 17. Your best friend would be in jail right now. She broke I don't know how many laws. With parent permission okay. With out permission, Goodbye.

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  • My friends little sister

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  • Are u serious? Over here ranting abt ur bsf and ur brother dating💀 who gaf, let them live THEIR lives and u live ur own🤦🏾‍♀️

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  • This is why me and my bff have rules and rules number one is DON'T SLEEP WITH EACH OTHER SIBLINGS

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  • It isn’t even that bad dating a person 1 year younger that is a male to be honest that’s what happened in sword art online with kirito and asuna

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  • Let your brother have some space

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