Mount Westmore - Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, E-40 & Too Short (Official Music Video)

Watch What Happens Next -
Directed by Jesse Wellens and Sam Macaroni @sammacaroni
“Fu*k You”- Mt. Westmore ft. Dem Jointz & Jenn Em Produced by Fredwreck & Dem Jointz.
Snoop Dogg -
Ice Cube-
Too $hort -
Producer: Monica Fineis @monfineis
1st AD: Ivan Kraljević
VFX Supervisor: Tim Montijo @timmontijo
Costume Designer & Stylist: Laura Cristina Ortiz @lacrisort
Costume Designer for Snoop: Michael Cannavo @rexin_around
Specialty Costumer: Drew Hart @drewthecostumer
Makeup Department Head: Jacquelyn Coon @JackCoon
Special Effects Makeup: Sidney Cumbie @ishootthedead
MUA Team: Dan Gilburt, Sasha Glasser, Niko Gonzalez, Mckenzie Gregg, Tricia Heal, Hannah Starke, Cat Paschen
DP: Matteo Londono
PA: Aaron Warner
PA: Kirtracy Hill
PA: Chason Blount
DIT: Joshua Lang @mechanical_dragons
Teleprompter: Jonathan Gropman
Snoop Doge: Olivia Lazer / Zelda @zeldaboom
3 Boob Alien: Suzette James @suzette_james
Alien Go Go Dancer: Kayla Vasquez @ohlakay
Alien Go Go Dancer (Pole): Ayriel Talbert @aerialayriel
Alien Orc: Ivan Djurovic @ivandjurovic
Drunk Alien: Lou Ferrigno Jr. @louferrignojr
Dancing alien: Terrance Barksdale @that_barksdale
Alien Jazz Singer: Chris Brewer
Alien Backup Singer: Sae Bluff @sae_at_play
Alien Backup Singer: Isis Woodruff @honeyy.dipp
Jedi: LeGrand Crewse @2wheelgrand
Digital scans by:
Will Co
Jewelyn Co
Myree Co
Adolfo Madrigal




  • 1:29 the true silent hill 2 Dog Ending.

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  • 1:51 It’s not how Gangster shooting

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  • Creative

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  • You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

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  • I'm going to have this on repeat Who is here because they saw Snoop on JRE.

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  • Snoop beat a murder charge because he ratted on other people.

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    • No he didn't I was there and breathing kid ok!! He beat the case cuz it was self defense and on top of that he had the best lawyers so Snoop got off... His never "snitched" on no one ...tell me whose locked up or in jail cuz Snoop ratted??? I'll wait

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Mount Westmore - Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, E-40 & Too Short (Official Music Video)