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Karen, please let me see my beautiful children again. The children we raised with such love and care. What happened to that? I don't understand...What is it you wanted in the first place? Was it really love? Please, I don't know what's happening them. Have they eaten their Brussel sprouts? Are they scared of me? Have you spread lies about me? still believe you cherish our good times. We both learnt our lessons several times. It's okay to make mistakes...And yes... I know I almost got our children...killed, BUT KAREN! I've learnt from that! No longer am I the man that steals our children's lollipops and breaks them in half - stick and everything- and hides them in my slimy back pocket for later. I'm sorry I disappointed you all those years back. My only wish is to see my child's faces... Karen, can you please do that for me? Karen? I'm so sorry about the car crash all those years ago... Karen....please...

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  • rare video of peeta mellark painting himself into the ground

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    • In her habitat

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    • rAcHeL eYeLaSh this is a Hunger Games reference.

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  • U look like a...................1000000 bristle paint brush lol

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  • “A mess and a half” The New York Times

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  • "My audience is not just complete 12 year olds" She's onto us

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  • Please collaborate with Simply Nailogical. I don't know what my opinion on Christmas is put I did like Halloween when I went out with my friend and me sister who went as a purple skiddle I don't know if that's how you spell skiddle but yeah love your videos bye

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  • Joana in letter to her mom: I love your baking Joana after dinner: the lava cake was a disaster

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  • Joana's mom is a cuter vision of her

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  • I love it how she coughs in the middle of her videos

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  • 2:01 LoL iM gLaD yOu LaUgHeD

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  • aaaah the coin that aidan gave u is from ethiopia. im from ethiopia. I am now aidan

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  • I still have those children and they ate their food and they're alright lol and I stole their lollipops again like ya

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  • *I just realized it says Merry Chrystler.*

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  • James Charles who

  • 2:01 WHAT IS THIS SOUND edit : why did i laugh so hard at "merry birthday"

  • at the beginning of this video you looked exactly like your mom AhHhhHhHHhH

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  • The smell of the face paint smells like Shrek's butthole

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  • the description-

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  • In the intro she looked just like mother goose and its absolutely adorable

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  • Hi Joanna my name is Elina Martinez and I'm 8 years old 😋👋👍

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