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  • This video can be a whole edit they so cute

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  • She is so pretty

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  • They relationship sus

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  • 15:21 to 15:28 yall is soo cute the way he smile at her aww,

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  • 5:05 Bella in the back lol🤣

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  • He said: Bella what u doing!

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  • 8:39 omg

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  • Peep 9:00 destiny said she’s a grown women and Bella said nooo😂😂😂

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  • Bella is so freaking cute ❤️💯

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  • lol am i the only one who see one sock on and one off!! I am dead

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  • Damaury looks so weird with glasses......omg

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  • Aye yo what happened on the ear thing

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    • Huh

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  • no, but peep the hickey on her neck phaaaaaaa

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  • atp please jus get back together

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  • If these hints jus say tgat

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  • Y'all are so cute

  • I love that in almost all his video captoins it's say with Destiny

  • 9:01 There's a hickey on Destiny's neck

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  • Y’all are meant to be.y’all family is so cute . I can’t watch y’all all day . These other TH-visionr could neva

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  • friends with benifts.

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  • starting from 26:38 it sound like bella said i you

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  • 21:56

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  • igh um lets go back

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  • Heard what he whispered 😏

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  • 18:15 HE SAID ima corvette corvette when I fuck the shut outta you TO ANYBODY THAT DIDNT HEAR

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  • Make her shut up damuary😉😏

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  • they dating but don't feeling like saying or making a video about it we all know they dating .yall so cute

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  • Why can’t y’all just be together like y’all are a good couple already and y’all had a baby girl together so like I don’t get the point but no hate on y’all love y’all stay safe even though I don’t know yall

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  • I just don’t want destiny to get her heart broken.

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  • He her 👀 When she always kissed him I think we ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS.... OFFICAL🙈 Edit1: I changed Thing to Think I messed it up🙄

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  • Am i the only one who wants this “talking stage” type situationship to be long and not too exited for them to be “officially” together? Cause this be the funnest part of a relationship

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  • I know I’m real late I have watch this video over a thousand times and whoever dis liked the video we have a problem

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