Making a HOVERBOARD with Hackerlabs!!!

I'm on a TH-vision series again! Hackerlabs!
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Highspeed Cam - Chronos 1.4 ►
Main shooter - Panasonic GH5s ►
Phone - Samsung Note 8 ►
B Camera - Sony RX10ii ►
Camcorder - Sony Handycam ►
Slow Motion (960fps) - Sony RX10ii ►
Slow Motion (240fps) - Panasonic GH5s ►
Action Cam - GoPro ►
Steadicam - Osmo ►
Main mic - Sennheiser ►
Bendy Tripod ►
Main Tripods - old second hand Manfrotto tripods no longer sold.
CNC Plasma Cutter ►
3d Printers - Taz 6 ►
Moarstruder ►
Filament ►
CNC Mill ►
CNC Lathe ►
Laser Cutter - Gweike LG900N 80W ►
3d Scanner ►
Drills, drivers, grinders, saws, etc ►
Welder ►
Desktop PC ►



  • Is it going to work!? Head over to Full Sail's TH-vision page to watch the whole mini-series, starting with Episode 1 ► ! *And* don't forget to check out the Amazing Spider Dude's behind the scenes vlog of my Orlando Meetup while I was in town!

    the Hacksmiththe Hacksmithปีที่แล้ว
    • make hologram ben10 watch

      Science experiments,Drawing, Fun baby vedioScience experiments,Drawing, Fun baby vedio3 หลายเดือนก่อน
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      Francisco Pericovilla03Francisco Pericovilla03ปีที่แล้ว
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      Axcellerate KrabbeAxcellerate Krabbeปีที่แล้ว
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      Harshal KaleHarshal Kaleปีที่แล้ว
    • hack smith i got THE BEST IDEA EVER! repley if you want to hear it (:

      yeetus doritosyeetus doritosปีที่แล้ว
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    Kaiden PhaireKaiden Phaire25 วันที่ผ่านมา
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  • Parts at 10:39:20

    Basic fanBasic fan3 หลายเดือนก่อน
  • make hologram ben10 smart watch

    Science experiments,Drawing, Fun baby vedioScience experiments,Drawing, Fun baby vedio3 หลายเดือนก่อน
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  • ดี

    Krissada RakpanKrissada Rakpanปีที่แล้ว
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  • Now you need to make the delorean

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  • The one guy goes "We're not panicking, but we--" and then the other guy goes "we're panicking.'

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  • it's already been done by someone else

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  • Intro is from: back to the future

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  • Thanks for making everybody happy with a hoverboard!!! I would so buy that

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  • You hackers are banned from my christian Minecraft server

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    • but... they have?

      the Hacksmiththe Hacksmithปีที่แล้ว
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    • i will at some point

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Making a HOVERBOARD with Hackerlabs!!!