LUCA Part 2 With ZERO BUDGET! Disney Pixar Luca MOVIE PARODY By KJAR Crew!

Zero Budget Luca. The Kjar Crew try another zero budget movie parody. The Kjar Crew is back for Disney's Luca. This is part 2 of the Kjar Crew Zero Budget series. How did the Crewnies do. Luca looks like a hilarious movie and this was a hilarious zero budget parody video.
As always, we want to thank Lanky Box for the funny idea for the zero budget ideas. We love doing the zero budget parody videos, and Luca was definitely a fun one to do. We did the Croods 2 zero budget last time, and we loved doing it. This is the second in our zero budget video series. Make sure you subscribe so you can see all of our future zero budget videos.
Luca Zero Budget
Coods 2 Zero Budget
Luca Zero Budget
Thanks lanky Box
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LUCA Part 2 With ZERO BUDGET! Disney Pixar Luca MOVIE PARODY By KJAR Crew!