Lil Poppa - Mask On (Official Music Video)

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They say forgive and forget it’s still some shit I ain’t forgot
I’m probably real as it get I wish the best for all my opps
Cause I want em to rest in piss off the time I thought I got hit
Close my eyes and make a wish blow a kiss at whoever shot
Can’t go nowhere without that heater no more keep dissing lil bruh gone meet him
And I can’t fuck with none of these eaters no more keep saying that shit don’t mean it
Reality kid lil nigga I don’t dream
You wouldn’t know the half of the shit I seen
My brother been told lil nigga it’s gone come a time and you better stand tall Yao Ming
I smoke, can’t stop, I lean when them pills get popped and them tears get dropped
I get high thinking bout Meleeke brand new glock on side of me bitch part of me
My lil gangster when she call she trying to spoil me or swallow me
Not right now bitch don’t bother me
1228 that’s the heart of me
Shit got hard for me, you got scars with me, went to war for me, got love me nigga I love ya
Ain’t got no friends nigga you my brother
Better watch how he move when her shoot that cutter
Man on the moon I done fucked the whole room had ya bitch tell me I’m smooth like butter
Young nigga move that dope if anybody move that door then you already know
(Better get your blast on nigga
Better put your mask on nigga)
Got damn what you heard through the great vine
They say too times got facetime dead high I done smoked his ass eight times
He want a name give him one when he say mines
In the club play the opps better play mines
Hell nah we ain’t trying to hear no beatbox
Lil one say he sit up in the trap all night he ain’t trying to go home shit them free pops
Give a nigga ass something to beef bout
Give the whole world something to speak bout
Couple hundred blues bring the freak out her
Say she smoking mookie nothing street bout her
She belong to them so the streets got her
Fuck a home room I ain’t need college
Heard the head good I’m trying to see bout it
Mac with the silencer I need silence
John Wick bitch I need bodies I don’t want him round if he seem solid
If he ain’t solid need to see bout it
Shit if it ain’t Friday it need to be Friday cause I got some people I need to meet Friday
Bout a M probably or a B probably you we probably
Them niggas you need to see just give me the fee
Shit got hard for me, you got scars with me, went to war for me, got love me nigga I love ya
Ain’t got no friends nigga you my brother
Better watch how he move when her shoot that cutter
Man on the moon I done fucked the whole room had ya bitch tell me I’m smooth like butter
Young nigga move that dope if anybody move that door then you already know
(Better get your blast on nigga
Better put your mask on nigga)
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Music video by Lil Poppa performing Mask On. © 2021 Rule #1/Interscope Records




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  • Great musicianship. Your bars are perfectly played with the beat and with confidence. Would you be interested in performing live on Sessions? I'd love to discuss the details of opportunity with you. I sent you a DM through your Facebook and Instagram🔥❤️💯

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  • Poppa chosen for real he from Jacksonville and cam up on a lil st called Evergreen were the cops make u put your hand up and most of the black males only know violence and 2005 and 2006 Jacksonville had the highest murder rate over a quarter of the murders was on the Eastside of Jacksonville dat don't make him or person real but it do teach u lessons u will need to know and life poppa listened mored then talking and that made him real to choose right cumin up on Evergreen were wrong is the only thing make sense to most young men were he grew up but poppa has a positive way of thinking poppa chosen no more sleeping on him his songs are real facts nonfiction wake up people we have a legend in the making he gone be featured on ever rapper make his kind of music it's over he gone be the best thing to ever come out of Jacksonville Florida aka the banger

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Lil Poppa - Mask On (Official Music Video)