JINJER - Vortex (Official Video) | Napalm Records

JINJER - Vortex (Official Video) | Napalm Records
Check out the brand new single "VORTEX", taken from the upcoming @Jinjer Metal Band album “WALLFLOWERS”, available via Napalm Records on August 27th 2021.
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Story by JINJER
Video by Shah Talifta - shahtalifta.com
VFX by @alextyledetach
CC by @lunar_edge
Alina Chernohor
Andrey Zdarov
Ulia Kalinichenko
Igor Pravik
Pavel Likhota
Aleksey Slizh
Vasiliy Sai
Kolya Kazak
Dima Pilipenko
Vitalik Mikhailiuk
Kolya Boretst
Roman Panchenko
Michail Azyabin
VORTEX - Lyrics:
Like A Lunatic, Frantic
The Man In The Room Looks So Dramatic
With A Left Shoe On His Right Foot
This Spiral Traffic Feels Too Traumatic, Too Traumatic
The Man Is Wandering Around
Where's The Way Out He Never Found?
And Inside
There's A Ball Made Of Lead
It’s Rolling And Rumbling On Parquet
Oh How Heavy Is The Ball!
It Bends His Spine To The Very Ground
Neither His Nor Another
Enormous, Ludicrous
Oh How Heavy Is His Thought!
In A Half An Hour Or So
It Crushed The Floor
And Smashed The Man's Toes
Oh How Heavy Is His Thought!
In A Half An Hour Or So
It Crushed The Floor
And Smashed The Man's Soul
(Whirl) Through The Black Hole In The Floor
(Spin) I Begin My Whirl
(Swirl) I'm A Driftwood With No Strength
(Spin) Without Soul, With No Will
Like A Feather I Travel Down (A Spiral Staircase)
One More Loop Through Abyss (Where Stairs Are Erased)
Like A Feather I Travel Down (A Spiral Staircase)
Falling Deeper Than It Is (All Stairs Are Erased)
Through Rapids And Stones
I Came Like Water And Like Wind I Go
Through Rapids And Stones
I Came Like Water And Like Wind I Go
Spin! Swirl!
Whirl! Spin! Swirl!
Whirl! Spin! Swirl!




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JINJER - Vortex (Official Video) | Napalm Records