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Here is my beginners guide for the Insta360 One X. If you are brand new to 360 and more importantly have just received your new Insta360 One X and want to learn how to use it than this tutorial and training guide is for you. In this guide I go over everything from the functionality of the hardware and menu, then we dive into the Insta360 one X app and learn how to edit 360 video and photos on your smartphone or tablet. Some of the topics included in this beginners guide are:
-Camera and button layout.
-Insta360 One X Menu walk-through.
-How to connect Your Insta360 One X to your iPhone/iPad.
-How to transfer media to your smartphone or tablet.
-Insta360 One X Pivot Points.
-How to export 360 videos and photos from Insta360 One X
-Tiny Planets.
-how to wirelessly connect a phone to Insta360 One X.
-Best selfie stick/extension pole for Insta360 One X.
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All my TH-vision videos are filmed on an iPhone 8 Plus and edited on an iPad Pro in LumaFusion. I am a minimalist/mobile TH-vision creator. I like to keep things simple.
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  • Hello... 👋🏼 Can you help me... I want to connect my Insta 360 desktop (windows), however Although i changed the USB mode in the camera as IOS, yet once I connect it to the desktop, the camera shutdown ❗

    Turki MaxTurki Max3 วันที่ผ่านมา
  • Thanks so much! This tutorial is PERFECT!

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  • Yes! Thank you. I love your teaching style. I hadn't done any editing for a time and needed a refresher. I looked for this particular video. This one is terrific.

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  • Can you help me>? I don`t know how to stitch a raw file format photo from insta 360 because it`s like 2 spheres on the image

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  • Thank you very much for the great explanation of what to do with Insta. I bought it a long time ago and is sitting at home. No instruction but just wired films. Can you send directly from the insta360 video to somebody else to do the editing job? Why each time we placed a photo on Facebook it always comes with add from insta360. I'm not crazy about it since I paid for camera. I wonder what photo dimensions we may get? We would like to take and post photos of our rooms to advertise them on the web. Appreciate your answer. Thanks

    Jula WegJula Weg3 หลายเดือนก่อน
  • You're the best. I have the Insta360 One R and wondering why it's too hard to edit - I'm using Insta360 Studio (PC), I'm going to try to edit on my iPad instead. :)

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  • Great introduction to 360 photography and specifically to this tremendous camera. It is presenters like yourself that anticipate questions people may have and cover them as you progress. It is like you are providing the information your own curiosity went through learning the camera in this situation. Some people may find it too detail but I think it is fine as long as you stay on the general topic. You followed the presentation method I have always used which is picking a specific topic and first tell people up front what your are going to be telling them about, then get into the details of telling them and then the final of the three step process is to summarize of what you told them. Thank you for a great informational/instructional video. You also noted along the way of things for more detail but stayed on track. This led me to subscribe to see anticipated future videos which I am sure will be just as good! Thanks again.

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  • I wonder how to cut in between and join a 360 clip together

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  • Great video and very helpful. Thanks for the help, I’ve ordered this and I’m waiting for it to arrive

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  • Thank you for your video. Can you advise how I can change date/time on the camera? Mine is constantly a day behind when I import the video.

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  • Thanks for the video! About the aspect ratio, how do we do to no curve the edges, that awaful fish eye image? What does that pixel button after 16:9 means?

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    • Thank you I’m glad you enjoyed it

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  • thanks nice tutorial! make one for the x 2 thats coming out too!

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  • Was tyat the 128G memory card that you put in that gives 30 minutes of video at 5.7k?

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  • dude.. as opposed to other review.. or how to videos.. not one second.. was used for gibberish... super helpful.. ur video was 30 mins but.. i skipped the normal standard stuffs.. and bam.. now I know how to use insta 360.. in 7 mins.. Cheers from aninsta user all the way in .. Kuala Lumpur Malaysia....

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  • I'm a bit late to the party, but this was very helpful. You very frequently start sentences with, "So.... ," which became a bit annoying. You might want to check yourself on this in future videos.

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  • Thank You for saving me from wasting more time on Guides which are not even close to Guides....Just to help beginners kindly add one point if the footage is rotating unnecessarily then you need to gyro calibrate the camera. I wasted 2 days in solving this rotating footage issue. Thank you Once again.

    Traditions Furniture IslamabadTraditions Furniture Islamabadปีที่แล้ว
  • Hi. Thank you for your tutorial. Great ! When a try to play a .insv file, I receive this message "File contains gyroscopic info. If you need to play video with stabilization effect, please export it via insta360 studio." If I choose , the video freeze on the first image and stops. Impossible to open the file in Insta360 studio 2000 (new version 3.5.0) . BUT all works fine with my old INSV files. Do you have a solution for me ? Best regards.

    Albert RAUSCHAlbert RAUSCHปีที่แล้ว
  • What a great video! Thanks a lot!

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    • Thank you

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  • great video. the only thing is i wish people would do would say is MAC ONLY...or PC only...

  • Great video. Congrats for the excellent information you provided. Onde doubt: Is there an application for PC (Mac) instead of only app for cellular or tablet?

    Adilson Moralez FotógrafoAdilson Moralez Fotógrafoปีที่แล้ว
    • @Air Photography , thanks for prompt reply. After your video I made some research and downloaded the software. Yes, there is a version for Mac. Regards.

      Adilson Moralez FotógrafoAdilson Moralez Fotógrafoปีที่แล้ว
    • Yes you can download from their website I know they have a Windows version I’m not sure about Mac but I think they do as well. And it is free

      Air PhotographyAir Photographyปีที่แล้ว
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    • Thank you I’m glad you enjoyed it

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  • I am the youtube curmudgeon. This presentation is superior to any other I have seen. Well done.

  • How to cut a chunk of video out from the middle of a clip?

  • Excellent video. Perfect for someone like me that is slower than a turtle walking across the road. Thanks for the info. Now, I can use this 360 that I purchased a year ago and never used......LOL

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  • Nice! Thanks for sharing. I’m new with insta 360, where you actually holding selfie stick or just the camera? Pls help, coz I’m switching to this camera instead of GoPro. Thanks!

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  • Does the link sharing option in the app provide a link for viewing the 360 image with panning capabilities? Looking for a way to share these videos/photos in an online map using a URL!

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  • Thanks brilliant. I have been using the camera for a while and didn't realise how much more I could do with it. Thanks again

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  • Hello. I need your help. I have an Apple Mac Pro 10.11.6 operating system that is no longer up to date. Until the appearance of the new Insta360 Studio 2020, I used a software version compatible with my computer. After updating I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO USE Insta360 Studio. Please help me with an older software version so that I can reuse Insta360 Studio. I mention that I have an Insta360 one x camera. Thank you. Razvan

  • I have a question - When area you must shooting is aprox. 20metres and long aprox. 150metres - HOW I can (must) shooting for virtual 360" tour? Every 4 metres as crosswords or? Can some answer me? And in what MODE I shooting a property virtual tour - video mode or .jpeg mode? Can you write me a whole procedure step by step? Thank you!! Yes, with Insta360 One x camera

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  • Hi, I need your expert advise pls.....why I din have an audio when I playback my recorder videos? My settings are all activated for the audio recording btw

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    • Air Photography thnx for responding. I’m in contact with insta360 support team now. Hopefully they can fix this issue for me

      Nino MendozaNino Mendozaปีที่แล้ว
    • I’m not quite sure about that. Your best contact Insta360 support

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  • freaking amazing tutorial!! Thank you so much man!! keep them coming

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  • Can you plug your 360 camera to your PC ??

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  • really appreciate you taking time to make a solid beginner's guide! very straight to the point, no time wasted. subbed

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  • Hello. I was wondering if anyone has tried using the One X with an android device and the matterport app. Do they work together good ? One last thing, does the battery get hurt when it is not used and charged for long periods of time, say 2-3 months ? Thank you.

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  • Do you need a pretty serious tablet? Can you edit on a PC or Mac?

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    • @Air Photography Thanks for the response. I appreciate it.

      Have Drone Will TravelHave Drone Will Travelปีที่แล้ว
    • Any modest laptop should be able to handle the files with no issue. They have free software on the Insta360 Website For editing on a PC or Mac

      Air PhotographyAir Photographyปีที่แล้ว
  • Thank you so much for the video. My insta360OneX is still coming but watching videos ahead.

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  • It doesnt allow editing if you don’t download them to the local folder. You provided wrong info amd i spent 1 hour finding whats wrong with my app. Not cool!!

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  • ATTENTION ANYONE THAT IS AN ANDROID/PC user. Most of the uneducated idiots leaving comments about how others are dumb fail to get the simple concept that This does not work for Android users which is made up of most of the market. Insta360 are in bed with Apple and do not care about anyone not using anything Apple related.. Even the Insta360 studio is really only usable on a MAC, if you're on a PC forget it. Android and PC users have gotten screwed out of 99% of the options for editing.

  • Thanks for overview. Super helpful.

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Insta360 One X Beginners Guide | Camera & App Tutorial