INSANE Billie Eilish Acrylic Nail 24 Hr Challenge! Boy vs Girl w/Chase Keith... FionaFrills

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SUBSCRIBE TODAY! You know I love getting acrylic nails. Chase Keith and I are getting Billie Eilish nails (the really long claw-like ones!). A Boy vs Girl 24 hour challenge -- we have to wear them for 24 hours! Find out how we both do with these crazy long acrylic nails.
Here is the LA celebrity nail salon:
(This was not sponsored. I found the nail salon on Liza Kosky, JoJo Siwa, Huda Beauty's Instagram accounts).
I love getting acrylic nails. I've gone to NY to get my nails done too. Watch them all:
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In today's video, I am doing a super fun (and insane) boy vs girl challenge with Chase Keith. We are both getting our nails done at an LA celebrity nail salon. We are getting those crazy claws like (pointy) acrylic nails that Billie Eilish has. We have to leave them on for 24 hours. Come along and see how boy vs girl does with this Billie Eilish acrylic nails. We film our daily activities together and in the evening. See how we both did. This was so much fun with Chase Keith. Love u!
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INSANE Billie Eilish Acrylic Nail 24 Hr Challenge! Boy vs Girl w/Chase Keith... FionaFrills