If Apple Made a Restaurant

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  • LOL my mom is always like that with cooking somehow she is able to eat food that just came out of the oven when it burns my mouth

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  • So Apple and Tesla Made a car together

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  • Apple burgers $1000. App burger x $2000.

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  • Imagine if your parents' "tradition" was getting food for everybody except for you

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  • I’m laughing so hard rn “Behold the new Apple Mac” Put down Apple Mac Picks up same Apple Mac Lmao

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  • i thought they sellin apple burgers.

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  • This video makes me HATE APPLE products But it's a good vid GREATTTT

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  • Its gunny how the same people who are making videos explaining how dumb apple is, is litteraly yhr same people who use apples products...

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If Apple Made a Restaurant