I Took My Pizza Delivery Guy Around the World

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This week, Matt and Thomas ordered pizza and asked the delivery driver if they had a passport. If the answer was yes, then they asked them what their dream destination is...and actually went.
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  • 10:34 she looks EXACTLY like Charlie damelio

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  • Lol is that charli damelio selling shots

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  • Coolest guys ever,..always giving good vibes👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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  • Watching your videos gives me hope because neither me nor my parents have been in an airplane and my dad is already 60

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  • I find it soo weird that so many Americans don’t have Passports, in the Uk it’s pretty normal for like everyone to have one (well about 76%)

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  • Love ❤️

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  • The homeless: U want dat pizza bro Him:No (*gives it to him*) The homeless: *Take it* *RUNS*

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  • Anyone going to talk about how she looks almost like Charli d amelio? 9:42.

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  • Yes theory lands in Zurich: Welcome to Italy 😂😂😂

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  • My name is Venecia and people call me Venice. Watching this vid feels weird 😂😂

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  • my dream is to be able to shoot poop really fast out of my butt, and like make it go really far aswell.

  • I live in Alberta Canada if your thinking about it don’t come here it is sooooo boring if you don’t have a quad

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  • What I'd he wanted to go to Alberta?

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  • Here from alberta 👍

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  • Fun fact:if you translated vinice int Arabic then retranslated it to English it woul be rifle

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  • Amazing dude! hustler and hard worker

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  • " We are going on a water boat " 😂😂😂😂😂

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  • When you went to high school with JP 😂😂 one lucky dude

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  • Tipping to the absolute extent

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  • 0:34 Beautiful clip of lovely Malta

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  • I absolutely love your videos but I'd also like to hear you guys talk about what's happening to Venice because of climate change and how it could be gone in not such a long time. It's a topic that is affecting every one of us and is important to address

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  • You should go to Canada bc. You guys are so cool

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  • Bruh you walked in a church doing mass that is something that I can't exsplain

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  • Call someone from different country to yours for 24 hours

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  • guess I'm gonna be getting my passport pretty soon!

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  • I almost didn't hit the subscribe button

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  • 6:30 made me laugh way more than it was supposed to

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  • Wait, he just said a water boat? Lol...

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  • The greatest coincidence ever : I am in this video. I was in Venice at the same time he was. Btw love from India.

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  • Nice video 🥰 new friend here Pa support my TH-vision channel

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  • The people who said they don't have a passport probably were scared you were going to take it

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  • 13:54 “Alease don’t forget to subscribe 😂”

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  • 9:45 she's pretty as fux

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  • I don't know why, I always have a smile watching your videos

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  • The dislikes are from the people without passports

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    • fax

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  • I subscribed long time ago,I liked your page on facebook,followed in instagram and love your videos.

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  • Why did he leave before you guys??

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  • You guys are such an inspiration. I came across your channel and got inspired right after watching one of your videos and I couldn't stop myself from watching more. Hope someday I'd meet cool people like you guys. So much love in everything that you're doing. Helping people to make one of their dreams come true. Keep inspiring. Thank you!

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  • Come to Indonesia

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  • Second hand embarrassment hits hard ... 4:47

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  • theres no single clip of that pizza delivery dude not smiling

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  • You guys are really awesome!

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  • Yes theory still makes my day with every video no matter how old it is

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  • The greatest thing that’s happened as a Papa Johns Delivery driver was when I got a $20 tip from these people who had “2020 Grad” from the same high school I graduated from this year. Was pretty lit. I also had a delivery in my neighborhood and they gave me a $20 tip also because I graduated this year. I should get a 2020 Northwest High School graduate bumper sticker to get more tips lol

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  • how do so many people not have passports????

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  • Trying to get fit enough to make it back on a horse 🐴 even if it is just for 30 minutes. I take whatever I can get.

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  • I am 15 i have a passport i was 6 when i got it

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  • My first step to get ready: stay inside

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I Took My Pizza Delivery Guy Around the World