I spectated the FASTEST EDITOR in Fortnite and was AMAZED by his skills... (HE'S ONLY 14!)

I spectated the FASTEST EDITOR in Fortnite and was AMAZED by his skills... (HE'S ONLY 14!)
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I spectated the FASTEST EDITOR in Fortnite and was AMAZED by his skills... (HE'S ONLY 14!) This kid is the fastest editor in Fortnite. I watched him do a creative mode edit course code and get the Fortnite world record...
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    • Formula ..

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    • I fucking hate your intros

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    • Raider464 is the fastest editor I know and he's is 14 and he is my friend from high school

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  • This is such a great video! thanks for making this content for us. :))

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  • Mo

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  • This games so bad Formula still plays it anyway😂

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  • I am watching in 4am a am from Egypt

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  • Anyone know flood before this video

  • 😱🤜👈

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  • He is not the fastest lol

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  • I can clap that kid in 1v1

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  • Do one with SoaR Crickets

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  • Ur black mailing manssss

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  • only said hes 14 for views, it doesnt actually matter, plus other people can edit just as good at him

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  • Fuck mechs

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  • What mice does he have?

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  • I have done your car at a code

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  • Raider464??

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  • No best editer raider464 is

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  • 7:33 Little armpit scratch 😂

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  • Aha I don't even have skinss!!!!!

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  • 3:10 nightmare

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  • I'm a default idc

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  • Flood has not got that voice

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  • Fortnite sucks

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  • I actually lost my acc ahahahha

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  • Mythic arabic player is better than him and he is 13 lol

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  • The only thing that’s makes mechs overpowered is how fast they shoot

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  • I play on controller I edit equally as good as him with edits

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  • Are u left handed

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  • Why does he sound like a 12 year old I’m 14 everyone tells me I sound like I’m 17 😂

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  • I dont have skins at all soo yea

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  • Coaches in sports: having fun is all that matters Formula: it’s fine...WINNING is all that matters😂

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  • I didn’t like and my account is now gone I can’t believe it

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  • U say that he is the fastest editor in Fortnite ? Better watch Raider464

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  • Why do you where the same shirt

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  • I love your videos but FaZe Sway is still better editing than that kid

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  • This is why i play solo or ltms with no mechs

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  • Check out crickets

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  • He got the softest edit

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  • 1v1 me I would clap u lol

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  • Bro i cant do this. Looks hard

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  • Why do you always have the same click bait

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  • Formula: Bro there's a mec...dip dip dip! Mech: FBI OPEN UP!!!

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  • Lol I'm a default, so I can't lose any skins but I liked because ur boss!

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  • go watch raider 464 he's faster

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  • I have never heard flood's voice before

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  • 0:10 u have 2,4 million subscribers

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  • he killed me

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I spectated the FASTEST EDITOR in Fortnite and was AMAZED by his skills... (HE'S ONLY 14!)