I Married My Sister

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So, my name’s Randy, I'm 25 years old and a year ago, a DNA test exposed a disturbing secret. It's so frightening I wish I had never taken it.
My life has always been full of drama. I was abandoned as a baby and bounced from one family's home to another. One of my foster parents pressured me to work when I was 9 and would take all of my money. Some of them were abusive and wouldn’t let me go to school, so I wouldn’t rat them out. Finally, when I was 16, a young couple took me in, took the time to get to know me and got me through high school.
One tragedy after the other, my life was finally getting better. I was 23 when I finally crawled out from under my shell. I was working at a clothing shop when I saw this amazing girl, she was an absolute 10 in every metric. I knew I had to make a move. So, I worked up the courage, asked her out and she said yes! She was becoming a doctor, she had an amazing sense of humor and it felt like a perfect match. We’d been dating for about a year and living together when I proposed. So, after my traumatic childhood and having a hard time fitting into a family, I was finally about to start my own. That was beyond exciting! I should’ve known it was too good to be true as my life took a very different turn again. It all started with an engagement party. My close friend got us an online DNA test. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it… I never knew my biological parents and I always thought they were horrible to just leave me like that. But my fiancee, Mary, encouraged me. She said, “We will do it together and whatever it is, we will get through it.” I got the answers and I nearly had a heart attack. From all the possibilities and scenarios I had in my head, this was definitely the last one. I was looking at the screen with my heart bursting out of me, I started sweating, and I fainted! I woke up with my fiancee standing in front of me, scared. She kept asking me what’s wrong and the only thing I managed to tell her was, Look at your results!” And she did.
As soon as she opened the page, I heard a scream. I knew what she saw. The DNA test for both of us said that we’re 100% siblings. She’s definitely my sister. A million thoughts were running through my head, how we looked alike, how our friends would joke that we must be related, but now... it was all true. It was hard to digest. I saw tears in her eyes as she left the room. For a day or two, we couldn’t look at each other. Eventually, one evening we sat down to talk. We talked all night. First of all, we knew she couldn’t get pregnant. We had already talked about getting a surrogate mother for our kids. We loved each other more than I thought was possible. We decided that we will keep it a secret from everybody, make up some boring story about the DNA test, and we will spend our lives together. After a while, we even forgot about it until one evening, when her...our parents invited us for dinner. It was a week before our wedding.
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  • A year ago, Randy took a DNA test that exposed a disturbing secret. It was so frightening that he wished he’d never taken it… Have you ever taken a DNA test that revealed some awkward secrets? Share in the comments below!

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I Married My Sister