I got Trapped in a room with Wilbur Soot

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So I got trapped in a room with Wilbur Soot, Tubbo, and met some other minecraft people like TommyInnit, Niki Nihachu, Ranboo, and GeorgeNotFound. This is my vlog from when I went to Brighton, did an Escape Room by ClueQuest, and met all the Dream SMP Members. It was a lot of fun!
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Honestly it was a ton of fun doing an escape room by ClueQuest, they sponsored the Escape Room and honestly it was a blast, if you want to give them a look here's the link to their site: www.cluequest.co.uk
Thanks ClueQuest for allowing me to record this video!
- 2:23 AM / Sharou
- Bunch of animal crossing and Mario Galaxy, I can't remember :)
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    • You meet your brother,in at 7:25

      Rage JacksonRage Jacksonวันที่ผ่านมา
    • Rip tubbos hand ???? - 2021

    • Rip tubbos hand ???? - 2020

    • You make me Smile so don't make me cry

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    • Hallo kan je Nederlands spreken fundy

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  • Funny, I dar you to buy a corset

  • love how it says netherlands

  • Tubbo is cute

    Elric MillerElric Millerชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
  • show tubbos hands

  • "I went to England!" The video location on YT: mmmm.... yes netherlands...

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  • R.I.P. Tubbo's hand

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  • 7:23 fundys people

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  • Let's just explain how Wilbur and Fundy look alike

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  • George had a tin whistle lol

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  • Fundy, you forgot the review part 🥲 funni hehehehehe funny hshshehe

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  • 0:56 You just got coconut malled

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  • ..An den we went boiling -Fundy

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  • evryvoney take a moment to loock at fundy when gogy givs him the sacue when he drinks it like hey drung with glasses and the pose

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  • hoi. ja ik ben ook nederlands. o wow

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  • fact: you don’t just randomly see foxes in the netherlands

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    MuhrooMuhroo9 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา

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    • PICK ME UP

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  • hAh, bold of you to assume i have a mobile device.

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  • Is this real or fake did tubbo actually get his hand amputated or not ?

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  • Imagine they played cards in the escape room until it finished 😂

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  • this is the perfect thing to watch if you are new to this channel lol

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  • 7:39 fundy found his brothers

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  • fox

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  • The fact that will didn‘t turn off the water when he didn’t need it is making me upset ngl

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  • Wait did tubbo actually go to the hospital 😔

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  • Dragon city is the best literlly its the best game ever i have the game and i LOVE IT it should be the BEST GAME : ( but its not it should be : (

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  • George looked so disgusted when fundy drank the Tabasco 🤣

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  • All the holes in wilburs walls are because Wilbur found out the brown m&m was lesbian

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  • Why is Wilbur's voice so deep in the first minutes we see him

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  • "I don't care" deal with it"

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  • how the heck did tubbo get his hand stuck.

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  • Furry boy only gods would know what I’m talking about

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  • Funni asmr on train

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  • Thats my country state sauce!!! Fundy!

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  • GOD DAMN IT Literally after I got a new iPad and I lost all my progress on dragons city. AND THATS WHEN ALL MY FAV TH-visionRS GET THERE OWN DRAGONS

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  • He said that tommy was in it but didn't see how come

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  • I’m sorry turbo

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  • :o it’s a fox :o *epic gasp* :0 THERES ANOTHER ONE :000

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  • Are you french?? Just asking because you kind of sound like it but you also sound Dutch- so idk-

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  • are you crazy wilber your tolking to the fox boy himself

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  • “ and den we won’t bowling “

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  • well then

  • ily

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  • ≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦≧◉◡◉≦

    {Jade_ Chan}{Jade_ Chan}วันที่ผ่านมา
  • Fundy haven't seen a fox he's like the papa of the fox 🦊🦊

  • Furryyyyy boiii

    Shlok JhawarShlok Jhawarวันที่ผ่านมา
  • is tubbo ok now? i hope he is

    Ian BrownIan Brownวันที่ผ่านมา
  • Fundy...This is great for a first vlog XD😝😝😜😜😂🤣(づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ

  • Tommy not seen in the video: Fundy: tommy is gone he in the adoption center Tommy at college: i wish college ended faster to see em... *Tommy was in college All along*

    Nong (Katia)Nong (Katia)วันที่ผ่านมา
  • Niki cat is so cute

    Sophie LeblancSophie Leblancวันที่ผ่านมา
  • i wanna see wilbur comment and then realise what fundy did with his money HAHA

  • 8:35 Tubbo is looking like a child xD

    Avinash ChauhanAvinash Chauhanวันที่ผ่านมา
  • Is his hand actually amputated

    Harlynne LagmayHarlynne Lagmayวันที่ผ่านมา
  • I got an ad of millie bobby brown swying “London london london” “Bored of london”?

    Hafsah GilaniHafsah Gilaniวันที่ผ่านมา
  • okay poor toby

  • I have a pet fox

    Lexie jeanLexie jeanวันที่ผ่านมา
  • when tubbo said nut uhm a nutella add came out......uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Brooklyn PascualBrooklyn Pascualวันที่ผ่านมา
  • Tubbo was so cute whan he said hi (●’◡’●)ノ

  • Today I learned that Wilbur soot is an Insym watcher. Good man :)

    Hornet EthHornet Ethวันที่ผ่านมา
  • 4:56 That laugh Tho it Cracks me up every time XD

    Tristan JoseTristan Joseวันที่ผ่านมา
  • Check no support

    Mark BayMark Bayวันที่ผ่านมา
  • What does it meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean 11:08-11:14

  • I quite like the funny fox man.

    The Casual WendigoThe Casual Wendigoวันที่ผ่านมา
  • Is fundy’s white hair natural? It’s so pretty.

    • @Mermaidgirl960 cool.

    • Yep, medical condition

  • UwU lol cool

  • I don't know what day it is

    • Thank you

    • Friday

      Phantom FrostPhantom Frostวันที่ผ่านมา
    • Help

  • wait OwO

I got Trapped in a room with Wilbur Soot