I Found an iPhone XS MAX Underwater in DEEP River Weeds - Still Turns On!

I Found an iPhone XS MAX Underwater in DEEP River Weeds - Still Works!
Wow this River Dive was incredible! While scuba diving in this crystal clear river for Cici's new iPhone XS MAX she dropped, we found some really interesting things including a piece of an old car, what I thought was an old Grenade, a bunch of cans, and Cici's iPhone! We made some friends along the way! ***Thanks to Woody Welch for his photography skills on the dock - Check out his amazing work! www.woodephotography.com***
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Hey my name is Dallas! I’m a Free diver, Scuba Diver and Treasure hunter. Welcome to my channel Man + River, where I take you along on my lost river and lake treasure hunting adventures! Hit the subscribe button to join me on my next dive!



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  • i thought the "grenade explosion" was real!! i got freaked out cuz it looked sooooo realistic!!!! love yer vids! i subbed and liked and keep up the good work. also i have seen many vids of other people KEEPING what they find and never even bothering trying to find out who it belongs too!! its nice to see someone who is not prideful and greedy!

    Dori BartekDori Bartekวันที่ผ่านมา
    • +Man + River thank you!

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    • Hey Dori, hahaha I couldn’t help myself with the grenade bit! Thank you a ton for saying that, i appreciate your support!👊

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I Found an iPhone XS MAX Underwater in DEEP River Weeds - Still Turns On!