How Far The Big Bang Theory Cast Really Got In School

From middle school dropouts to an actual PhD, the cast of The Big Bang Theory has a wide range of real life educational experience. Though they're not all super geniuses, they've certainly all done well for themselves. Here's how far some of TV's top earners got in school.
Kaley Cuoco is no dumb blonde. She never went to college, as she was a little too busy being a sitcom star to venture into the world of higher education. Instead, she got high school out of the way early and then graduated to Forbes' list of highest paid TV actresses.
In a 2012 interview with Parade, Cuoco admitted that her budding career, which started with a Barbie commercial, made her an outcast at school. Her fellow classmates thought she believed she was cooler than them, so she decided to withdraw and start homeschooling in fifth grade, a decision she was ultimately happy with. By the time she was 16 years old, she had her high school diploma.
With high school out of the way, Cuoco had time to focus on her breakout role on the ABC sitcom 8 Simple Rules. Though she never attended a traditional high school, she did get a small piece of the typical high school experience when Ashley Tisdale invited her to prom, although it didn't go down how she had hoped. As she told Parade,
"I wore something plain to be understated. But these horribly mean girls said, 'Oh, you think you're going to the Academy Awards in your classy black dress?' Honestly, it just made me happy to know I wasn't in that school."
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Jim Parsons | 2:27
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Simon Helberg | 4:46
​Kunal Nayyar | 5:43
​Melissa Rauch | 6:34
Kevin Sussman | 7:42
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  • Which Big Bang Theory cast member has the brightest future ahead of them?

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    • Sheldon

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    • @MTGDog - OUCH!! It hurt! But I do agree.

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  • Jim Parsons only has a master's degree... "So Amy, what do you work on? -Oh, I doubt you would understand, Sheldon tells me you only have a master's degree."

    Gaming life for gamersGaming life for gamers15 วันที่ผ่านมา
  • Is no one else going to talk about the whole auditioning process and how minorities only get picked if the cast is too white-washed? :(

    Pricilla MontgomeryPricilla Montgomery18 วันที่ผ่านมา
    • No. No one is going to talk about it. No one cares.

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  • Dear Mayim, on behalf of the human race: I am sorry...

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  • "Mayim Bialik is the one big bang actor" *She's a woman* *Actress*

  • Yikes, Parsons looks just like this autistic kid in my high school. Pretty fuckin weird

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  • So only the last main cast has an actual science background.

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  • Mayim Bialik "jts my belief that god created the world"... how the f... did they choose her as a mate for sheldon?!?!

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  • It is not the years in school that makes going great, it is more of how you are able to deal with life and help others.

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  • You showed & forgot to mention the Blonde singer from Garfunkel & Oats who was at the shows pilot inception and later as the love interest of the Comic Book Owner. Garfunkel & Oats is a TH-vision sensation!!!

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  • Just wow

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  • so kaley is penny in real life in BBT : penny was graduated from community school in real life : graduated at 16th and went to an acting career and she is also like to drink what coincidence and the saddest story is galecki, i thought he got his first degree or something

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    • @Phillip LeBlanc I had to read it twice. Not because it was enthralling but because it was poorly written. I thought I might have missed something after the first reading.

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    • No, the saddest story is your pathetic grammar and vocabulary.

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  • Niki Swift. My last video. Too many stupid commercials. I can get that on TV. Barf.

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  • Sounds to me all these people were half ass people and just couldn't handle actual hardship and working to make it out here like real people, acting only gets you so far unless your absolutely phenomenal at it like Jim Carrey, jack Nicholson, Robert Downey jr., etc etc

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  • You act like Raj is the only human to ever immigrate...

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    • You both had Sara Gilbert?

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  • Jim parsons grew up like 10 minutes away from were I live

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    • Wow. Neat.

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  • They all worship Satan,period.

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  • This show is not as great as they make it out to be nor is the cast. About the only one who likes it is the millennials. Not to mention the producer who introduces politics into all of his shows. NOBODY ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT YOUR SHOW OR THE POLITICS THAT YOU BELIEVE IN.

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  • Who else revised TBBT and still enjoy every scene like it was the first😉

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    • @CBS KTVH 12 thanks for the correction, i really appreciate it👍👍

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    • You mean "revisited", not "revised". If you had revised the show, the producers would have given you control to change the plot, characters, situations, etc.

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  • Jesus, Johnny was living by himself at 14?! That’s insane!

    Elensila2718Elensila27183 หลายเดือนก่อน
    • His family came with him from Chicago and he found TV work. They, however, missed living in Chicago (something about not enough miserable weather in L.A., and missing friends from the old neighborhood). He had a TV job and they set him up in an apartment, then moved back. He took care of himself; probably was required to attend schooling on-set, but he survived. He also bought a small motorcycle to get around on. Unconventional, to be sure, but he probably had people from the show looking in on him to keep him out of trouble. He made it, thankfully, something not all 14-year-olds could have done in similar circumstances. No doubt he had more than a few lonely nights. but he soldiered on. He seems to be an unusual person, who knew what he wanted to do and was single-minded about making it happen.

    • I had a friend i knew since we were kids his family left to Mexico when he was 13, he stayed worked and lived my himself ever since.

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    • Salmo Ali No idea! He might have gotten legally emancipated, but that normally doesn’t happen until the kid is 16 or so.

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    • How is that legal in America lol

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  • These people didn't need school. They intuitively know things about their craft that you couldn't teach.

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    • I'm sure that acting schools are there just to make money for the school. Is a degree in acting going to get you a job? No.

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    • @asmer192 I can't avoid something that has been part of me since my birth.

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  • In our country it isn't easy if you "take a break" from school: You can do it for a year. If the break is longer, then you have to ask for a special permission to go back at school... But I am talking about schools after the obligatory time...

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  • It's a shame, people who pretend to be scientists and physicists make more money than actual scientists and physicists.

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    • Its you.

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  • I hope they don't get typed cast for there future in acting, but they always get paid for Big bang theory for reruns.

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    • Foamer 44 yes there should be no reason any of them go broke

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    • @Zyxxz When you consider a better than average working wage of the average North American is 50,000$ Us - 60,000$ Can. With residuals, if these actors can't survive on just that plus what they made initially they really are losers.

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    • they're practically set for life because of the show

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  • Important to know: School don't make people smart. School only teaches and test your ability to remember. People get successful in things they like and want to know about.

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    • @Bang Bang Well I think like einstein in that regard. "If you judge a fish by its ability to climb trees it will always believe that its dumb". I don't think that people are born mentally challanged but that they can't exell in what others want them to be.

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    • @Bang Bang true dat

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    • School does make you smart. What it doesn't do is get you intelligent

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  • Mayim is one of the most admirable people ever.

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    • @John Smith most the professors where i study dedicate their life to science but are very religious jewish

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    • @John Smith u have ur own PhD?

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    • My wife has always loved and admired her.

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  • 8th grade is middle school, not high school

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    • In Australia we have primary school and high school, high school is years 7 to 12

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    • In some parts of the country it is considered high school! It depends in the school system!

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  • america, where level of education equals intelligence and success in life. Here's a secret: it doesn't at all LUL

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    • You might wanna visit the Asian countries some day

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    • Raphael Schostok it does to an extent at least

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  • 8th grade is not high school

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    • What country you from

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  • Who?

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  • I loathed Big Bang but love Young Sheldon.Perhaps it’s the stupid audience laughter?

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    • No its the mysogyny

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  • Your title needs work

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    • Agreed I had to re-read it twice

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  • I couldn't care less how far the actors got in school. Since I was no longer college age or younger, this show had zero appeal to me--watching a show about a bunch of geeks, how lame!! Why Kaley Cuoco's character would ever hang out with those weirdos, in a rational world, is beyond me.... When it comes to Johnny Galecki, I'd much rather see him in the old Roseanne episodes where he played Darlene's boyfriend. BTW why on Earth is this vid being narrated by someone with a British accent? Were there any British actors in it, or any episodes filmed in London, or something? That seems weird, too.

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  • You don't need to be smart to act smart.

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    • @Federico Olivares yeah,Trump is rich,and stupid people come back out of mud,in yoir theory trump should be homeless...

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    • Having a degree doesnt make u smart😂

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    • @Visitkarte , even a thief, robber, murderer, rapist, prostitute, pedophile, politician needs only brain not education. Wats your point

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    • Smart enough to do it

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    • Silenttuber PJ24 actually you do need to be smart to act smart. You don’t need the full education, but you need the brains.

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  • Blonde-5th grade then "homeschool" Tall Autistic guy- masters in art uggg Ugle girl-phd Indian- college dropout Short blond- "acting college" Comic shop guy- art school Art school is shit and homeschool is a joke... have a teacher who went to college for that do it not you...

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How Far The Big Bang Theory Cast Really Got In School