In This Episode, Ojo’s Mom Asked Ojo The Things He Didn’t Like About Her, He Was Promised Nothing Will Happen If He Said The Truth, But Something Terrible Happened Along The Line. Find Out What!



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    • Ojo mama is 😂and up with the guy who won buy toms shoes and boots for the church to day of them ur6 I have a soccer practices so can we do it to know if i can unlock it surreal and the guy who 65555th to day of them ur6 I have a soccer practices so can we do it to know if i can do that for you been using it to 55 polemic against a team that is played by force 4th and the guy

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    • I don't like that when you smack ojo

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  • Lol least she finally said she love him

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  • I het ojo nowadays

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  • Ojo has mind shaaa

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  • 4:29 it would be more funny if you said , Always on your,Laptop looking for a job !

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  • Can you do more vids.

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  • Try to test your mum to See how much she loves. Pretend something bad happened to you

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  • Everything thing he said was true though

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  • Ojo is telling the truth about his mother she is mean and selfish

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  • He hates everything but she’s gonna best him 😂😂😂😢😢😢

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  • I feel so bad for him

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  • Mama won't your word 😂

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  • You said you won't touch him the mother is ojo

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  • Mama ojo set a trap

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  • Typical Parents - They tell you to say the truth, and when you do, it’s like you told a big lie.

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  • You are hilarious! I love your videos 😃

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  • The fifth one was definitely not necessary, lol. He should have replaced the fifth one, with what he said about her not keeping her word. She was supposedly prepared for hurtful things, but Ojo should know his mother more that she never always sticks to what she says. Lol.

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  • funny but soooooo amazing.when mama ojo said she wouldn't touch ojo she actually looked offended

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  • ojo: mama should i continue? ojo: *sees mama ojo stuggling to not beat him also ojo: fourthly....

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  • Mama ojo....i would like to see your husband ya mama ojo...pls do a video of your husband ya... WHO LIKE TO SEE MAMA OJO HUSBAND! PLS LIKE😊👏❤

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  • always keep your words,its all about trust,never broke the trust,again and again,slow talk heart to heart,as a parents they sbould learn how to behave infront of kids :) they're now,is what we do or dont infront the kids..

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  • never trust your African mom you'll regret it I warned youuuuuu

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  • Ojo just killing everyone with this

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  • 😂😂😂 see ojo signing his death warrant

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  • Ojo yr dead 🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣

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  • He should have stopped at 2 or 3. For his saftey 🙊 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙈🙈 cracked me up !!!

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  • OJO: but mama you said you wouldn't touch me Mamaojo:👊👊👊 punch, slap , kick

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  • That's another thing I don't like about mama ojo she is a lier and she never keep her promises. And please make a part 2 of this.

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  • I hear mama ,wat a u trying t do??😁😁😁 ,lv u from uganda

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  • Good jod ojo like funny 😁😁 😁 😘

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  • Woooiiiii ojo YUH DEAD☠️ R.I.P

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  • I’m from the UK and Africa is always presented as a place of extreme poverty where no one has enough food to eat. This program has actually taught me that many people in Africa live a wealthy life and it’s been very educational for me. I love this program

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  • She said she would not hit him wat a lie

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  • Don't fall in to African parents traps

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  • Do u know ojo and mum ojo is the same thumps if u know

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  • If she is smart and ojo is domb wat will he be a domby are a smartypant

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  • I love the “Ojo!” “Ma!” Parts

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  • Lol! When ojo said “I think you are very dirty” I fell off the pillow.

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  • I m from india i like u ojo

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  • Hahaha DAT is another tin I don't like about u

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  • Strict parents 😂😂

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  • The way mama Ojo snaps her arms just kills me. what kind of sound comes out of the elbows. so loud. hahahahaha

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  • That another thing I don't like about you [6:24] 😭😫😂😂 That's number 6

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  • did she use spirit to lock the door???????????????

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  • Bro how u fall in the trap u are domb and a game freak

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  • African kids are the best in the world they never see any evil in their parent the are always the best parents in the world

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  • This is not even comedy *THIS IS MY REAL LIFE*

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    • 4 Sure Walla,,The're Mothers lyk dat

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  • Typical African parent. .Ojo was right

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  • Ojo, learn not to trust your mum ok.

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