Hayley Kiyoko - I Wish [Official Video]

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Director - Hayley Kiyoko
Creative Producer - Marla Vazquez
AD - Mel Anderson
2nd AD - Dan Zealand
AD PA - Xavier Mozejewski
Production Co: French Productions
Hayley Kiyoko as herself
“Carmen” - Maia Mitchell
“Jo" - Madison Pettis
“Beth" - Ana Osorio
“Luz" - Tamika Miller
"Raquel" the love interest - Bree Kish
Dancer - Kassidy Bright
Dancer - Deanna Jenkins
Freestyler - ‘ANDROID’ Martina Heiman
Dancer - Britt Igra
Freestyler- Kellina Rutherford
Dancer - Taylor Thomas
Producer - Carling French
Production Coordinator - Kit French
Production Assistant - Amir Tillard
Director of Photography - Pavel Brenner
1st AC - Majd Mazin
2nd AC - Eric Hanson
Steadicam Operator - Chris Loh
Sound - Dave Ross
Score - William Barry
Sound Design - Steve Bucino
Editor - Cami Starkman
Colorist - Sean Coleman
Gaffer - Francisco Cortinas
Key Grip - Tom Leduc
Grip - Corey Howard
Grip - Eric Hunter
Production Designer - Victoria Foraker
Leadman - Brandon Parker
Set Dresser - Ian James
Truck assist/set dresser - Ray Ho
Set Dresser - Denver Stoddard
Key Makeup Artist - Marla Vazquez
Makeup Assistant - Nikki Parrish
Key Hair Stylist- Jesus Guerrero
Hair Assistant - Peter Mazilu
Hair + Makeup Assistant - Bri Brancato
Costumer - Caroline McAlister
Costumer Assistant - Pierrette Abegg
Choreographer - Anze Skrube
Assistant Choreographer - Deirdre Barnes
Titles - Liz Hirsch
BTS Video - Topher Shrigley
BTS Photo - Anthony Pham
Manager - Fabienne Leys
Assistant to Hayley Kiyoko - Henry Lyons
Video Commissioner - Shadeh Smith
Product Manager - Brooks Roach
Video Production Coordinator - Kelsey Hack
(I Wish I Wish I Wish
I Found Love
I Wish I Wish I Wish
I Found Love)

I don't know where we're gonna go from here I don't
You shut down when I tell you all the shit I want
We butt heads, you don't pay me no attention
And you're selfish with your affection

You don't like when I decide to speak my mind
No you don't like that I do what I want like all the time
We butt heads cause you don't pay me no attention
And you're selfish with your affection

I Wish I Wish I Wish
I Found Love
I Wish I Wish I Wish
I Found Love

Cause I wake up up in the morning time
And there’s nobody here by my side
I Wish I Wish I Wish I Found Love

You don't care it's a storm in my iris cuz you lied
You don’t mind that it’s raining oceans from my eyes
We butt heads, cause you’re paying him attention
And you're selfish with your affection

Your black heart, you ain’t even budge when you tore mine apart
You wyle out, so I wyle out too mothafucka wassup?
We butt heads, cause you keep paying him attention
And you’re selfish with your affection

I Wish I Wish I Wish
I Found Love
I Wish I Wish I Wish
I Found Love

Cause I wake up up in the morning time
And there’s nobody here by my side
I Wish I Wish I Wish I Found Love

Sometimes I wonder if you'll ever love me ever
I wonder if I’m ever gonna find somebody
I cry and I cry and I cry and I cry to heaven
Why won’t you just send me somebody?

I Wish I Wish I Wish
I Found Love
I Wish I Wish I Wish
I Found Love
Cause I wake up up in the morning time
And there’s nobody here by my side
I Wish I Wish I Wish I Found Love

I Wish I Wish I Wish
I Found Love
I Wish I Wish I Wish
I Found Love

Cause I wake up up in the morning time
And there’s nobody here by my side
I Wish I Wish I Wish I Found Love
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  • *lesbians doing a whitchcraft to make the world gay*

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  • I'm bisexual and love hayley I'm ugly as hell though and she is pretty so I don't think it would happen besides I have a girlfriend anyways and she is my love of my love.

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Hayley Kiyoko - I Wish [Official Video]