Going on my FIRST DATE with Our Dogs!! (Otter Sharer Visits the Beach House)

Time to get ready for my first date! Well kinda, today Mom Sharer came to visit Stephen Sharer at the Beach House and brought the Puppies Otter Sharer and Cooper Sharer. Just hanging with Stephen and Carter Sharer mom, Otter wanted to do something fun so he asked if he could go on his first date with the neighbor dog, Lily. Both Lily and Otter are Yorkie Dogs and they should get along very well and the first date should be a success. So Momma Sharer helped set up the first date but telling Otter to go to the Doggie Ice Cream store to get some treats and ice cream. Steven Share neighbor crush brought over her dog and they met for the very first time! I think it was love at first site! Once the dogs starting have a CRUSH on each other, it was clear they wanted to get ice cream and swim in the backyard pool! This first date night was a success thanks to momma sharer! #FirstDate
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Going on my FIRST DATE with Our Dogs!! (Otter Sharer Visits the Beach House)