FERRAN Was KIDNAPPED In Roblox Brookhaven!! | Royalty Gaming

FERRAN Was KIDNAPPED In Roblox Brookhaven!! | Royalty Gaming
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FERRAN Was KIDNAPPED In Roblox Brookhaven!! | Royalty Gaming
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    • We love reality game is this so good we saw your videos they’re epic I love the Roblox ones

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    • Ron you’re my favorite spell💝

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    • u cool ferren

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    • Jaydan

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    • Can you give me a shout out. my biggest dream is i want to see royality family. Love you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

      Cristo PrinceCristo Princeหลายเดือนก่อน

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  • Ferran can you be my friend in Roblox pls pls

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  • I like the royalty gaming

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  • World C and really see gaming I did everything with trust that so can I get the game the game set up now please

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  • What is te name from dis Game

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  • 98% of the comments: *Bots*

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  • Ferran: "Forget my girlfriend" His girlfriend:

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  • what part 3 5 2

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  • Ferran you should ask your for 52’993 robux so he can have a cool avatar

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  • you have the best vids

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FERRAN Was KIDNAPPED In Roblox Brookhaven!! | Royalty Gaming