Dream WILL Revive TommyInnit (Dream SMP)

Why Dream WILL Revive TommyInnit on the Dream SMP. In the Dream SMP Prison, constructed by Awesamdude, TommyInnit was killed by Dream, after being locked up with him for a whole week. Before he died, Dream explains how he is going to escape with the help from Technoblade. However, now that Tommy is dead, people are wondering will Dream use the revival book on him? Well in todays video, I explain why Dream will revive TommyInnit.
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Time Stamps:
0:00 - Intro
0:28 - Overview
1:20 - The Build Up
2:44 - Between The Lines
4:23 - The Puzzle
6:18 - The Result
8:44 - Forgotten
10:38 - The Return
11:06 - Outro
In THIS Video: @Dream @TommyInnit @Technoblade @Ranboo
I analysed EVERYTHING what happened on TommyInnit's , Awesamdude's, Tubbo's, Jackmanifold's, Badboyhalos and Technoblade's stream from when TommyInnit was killed/murdered by Dream. Dream has been in the Pandora's Vault (Prison) for a month alone, but has had company from TommyInnit for the past week. However, last night on TommyInnit's stream (friend of Tubbo) TommyInnit was KILLED by Dream on the Dream SMP. I looked at how Dream WILL escape the Pandor'as Vault and why Technoblade WILL SAVE him! The prison was constructed by Awesamdude, Antfrost and badboyhalo (who is apart of the Dream Team). Will Tommy be brought back to life? Comment Below what you think!
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  • If dream doesnt revive 🤔

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  • O

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  • This guy predicts the future

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  • dislike for filming dream content, disgusting

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  • WHAT THE FU- **speedrun noises**

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  • Revange no

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  • Cbry

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  • I don't watch the actual SMP, but if theres only 1 revive book, Dream can't revive Tommy *AND* Wilbur... not sure if anyone thought abt that

    Stanley VStanley V27 วันที่ผ่านมา
  • yo wait how did you

    ItzFoxx_ItzFoxx_27 วันที่ผ่านมา
  • The L’ Manberg anthem wasn’t just a song. It was a hit list. Wilbur -Dead Tommy -Dead Tubbo -Alive? Eret -Alive? Tubbo’s next

    mikea hiooimikea hiooi28 วันที่ผ่านมา
    • geuss you were right

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  • videos that ages greatly

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  • my theory is that sam will bring tommy back with his totem (which puffy gave him) and revive tommy.

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    • You litterly predicted the future

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  • Dream: realizes he’s actually the owner of the server creative

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    • Dude called it lmao

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  • What if dream punched tommy into the lava instead of beating him with a potato, that would be amazing for animators

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  • This aged well

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  • I mean he wasnt wrong that he will be revived

  • The censor being the manhunt music makes me laugh more than it should

  • While i was reading the title tommy tweeted “no”.

    • I u heart my comment I like the vis

  • He did

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  • I know dream trying to test to revice

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  • prediction level is over9000

  • POV: Watching This After Tommys Stream And Him Getting Revived xDD

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    • OH

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  • 1 mil views 😏

  • Who is a bad want dream or tommylnnit

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  • POpP

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  • anyone watching this after he got revived like 3 days later?

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  • geuss you were right

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  • He did

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  • You litterly predicted the future

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  • Dude called it lmao

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  • I like the censoring using trance music for racing game

  • W E L P

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  • I think this is very true as it’s easily answered as dream needs tommy to take back the SMP dream regrets it probably not morally but tommy is needed to take back the SMP so of course he will bring tommy back

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  • Poor cat who's with me

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  • I u heart my comment I like the vis

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    • @Joe Mama three dots in the corner of the comment

    • Idk how to edit :/

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    • @Joe Mama you do know there's an edit button right?

    • I mean vid

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  • and he was right...

  • 0:21 no, no I don’t think I will

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  • he revived him

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  • OH

  • It happened

  • Nah ,the revival part doesn't seem very realistic

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  • Oh.

  • And now he's alive

  • 69.9k su

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  • Techno pig

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  • Tommy got revived on tommy vodd

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  • Dream actually did, is this guy physic?

  • Funny intro

  • we know

  • He already revived him

    Am_Summit 30Am_Summit 30หลายเดือนก่อน
    • This is made before Tommy is revived I think

  • dude we know you changed the title to cover up your stupidity

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  • I love how we all act like this is a real world situation, but with pixels

  • If u watched Tommy next vid that i watched and he got revived

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  • 2:26 Tommy : what the *fu-* Dream manhunt music plays for a split second

    Dark matterDark matterหลายเดือนก่อน
  • YOURE RIGHT- kanda-

  • I think Dream killed him to get everyone’s trust so he gets out of Pandora’s Vault using the book and then Techno comes to save him because Dream called in a favour.

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  • Ik why cuz MONEY

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  • well yes, but actually no

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  • Nice job man you got it right 👍👍👍

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  • you should do a ice berg on minecraft


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    • Everyone knew this

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  • Dream: Well I’m not doing it now.

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  • I love how he did this I little more then a day AFTER this was posted

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  • Yes

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  • am i the only one who found this after it happened...


  • I am Karl Jacobs from the future Tommy has been revived no cap

  • Tommy is dead good thing This will make dream escape :)

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  • POV: You are from the future and realize that cbry was right this entire time.

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Dream WILL Revive TommyInnit (Dream SMP)