Doja Cat - Kiss Me More (Official Video) ft. SZA

Doja Cat // “Kiss Me More” ft. SZA
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“Kiss Me More” (Official Video)
Astronaut: Alex Landi

Director: Warren Fu
DP: Christopher Ripley
Executive Producer: Sara Nix
Producer: Whitney Jackson
Commissioner: Sam Houston
PM: Val Pensa
PM: Quinci Bryant
Label: RCA Records

Production Company: Partizan Entertainment
1st AD: Ev Salomon
Production Designer: John Richoux with Nomad Art + Design
Editor: Nick Rondeau at Work Editorial
Colorist: Matt Osborn at Company 3
Sound Mixing: Brandon Kim at Therapy Studios
VFX: Roman Bilichenko + Olga Petrishena at Digital Axis
and Jumanah Shaheen + Grant Miller + David Lebensfeld at Ingenuity Studios
Game Designer: Christopher Rodriguez
Director Reps: Nicole O’Connell + Beatriz Lopez at Hart Represents

Team Doja Cat
Management: Wassim “Sal” Slaiby, Gordan Dillard, Lydia Asrat, Josh Kaplan, Rachel Rowley
Creative Director / Stylist: Brett Alan Nelson
Tailor: Jesstia Usher
Stylist Assist: Kristin Ritchie + Samuel Wolfe
Hair: J Stay Ready
Makeup: Ernesto Casillas
Makeup Assist: Ivan Nunez
Nails: Saccia Livingston
Choreographer: Cortland Brown

Team SZA
Management: Terrence "Punch" Henderson, Roberto "retOne" Reyes, MeLisa Chanele
Stylist: Dianne Garcia, Alejandra Hernandez
Makeup: Ernesto Casillas
Hair: Randy Stodghill, Tevin Washington
Nails: Karen Jimenez
#dojacat #kissmemore #sza



  • We hug and yes, we make love And always just say "Goodnight" (la-la-la-la-la) And we cuddle, sure I do love it But I need your lips on mine Can you kiss me more? We're so young, boy We ain't got nothin' to lose, oh, oh It's just principle Baby, hold me 'Cause I like the way you groove, oh, oh Boy, you write your name, I can do the same Ooh, I love the taste, la-la-la-la All on my tongue, I want it (la-la-la-la) Boy, you write your name, I can do the same Ooh, I love the taste, la-la-la-la-la All on my tongue, I want it I, I feel like fuckin' somethin' But we could be corny, fuck it Sugar, I ain't no dummy, dummy I like to say, what if, but if We could kiss and just cut the rubbish Then I might be on to somethin' I ain't givin' you one in public I'm givin' you hundreds, fuck it Somethin' we just gotta get into Sign first, middle, last, on the wisdom tooth Niggas wishin' that the pussy was a kissin' booth Taste breakfast, lunch and gin and juice And that dinner just like dessert too And when we French, refresh, gimme two When I bite that lip, come get me too He want lipstick, lip gloss, hickeys too, uh Can you kiss me more? We're so young, boy We ain't got nothin' to lose, oh, oh It's just principle Baby, hold me 'Cause I like the way you groove, oh, oh Boy, you write your name, I can do the same Ooh, I love the taste, la-la-la-la All on my tongue, I want it (la-la-la-la) Boy, you write your name, I can do the same Ooh, I love the taste, la-la-la-la-la All on my tongue, I want it Say give me a buck, need that gushy stuff Push the limit, no, you ain't good enough All your niggas say that you lost without me All my bitches feel like I dodged the county Fuckin' with you feel like jail, nigga I can't even exhale, nigga Pussy like holy grail, you know that You gon' make me need bail, you know that Caught dippin' with your friend You ain't even have man, lyin' on ya-, you know that Got me a bag full of brick, you know that Control, don't slow the pace if I throw back All this ass for real Drama make you feel Fantasy and whip appeal Is all I can give you Can you kiss me more? We're so young, boy We ain't got nothin' to lose, oh, oh It's just principle Baby, hold me 'Cause I like the way you groove, oh, oh Oh, darlin' Boy, you write your name, I can do the same Ooh, I love the taste, oh-la-la-la-la All on my tongue, I want it Boy, you write your name, I can do the same Ooh, I love the taste, oh-la-la-la-la-la All on my tongue, I want it

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  • I made my first Tiktok and it’s my digital illustration with Doja Cat in it! Let me know whatchu think: 🙏🏻✨

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Doja Cat - Kiss Me More (Official Video) ft. SZA