Customizing A Lamborghini, Then Giving It To My Friend!! 🚘🚗 (SATISFYING)

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  • Hope you guys enjoyed! Subscribe so I can give more stuff away😊 Love all of you❤️ Giveaway Rules - Follow Vexx and I on ig and Twitter IG: @zhcomicart @turkeybyzhc @vexx Twitter: @hsieh_zachary @turkeybyzhc @vexx_art *Anyone under the age of 18 will be flown over along with a parent* (Plane tickets and housing will be paid for) First comment: Dulce Herrero (congrats you win a custom iPhone 11 Pro!!

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    • thought it was me😂😂

    • Lucky I swear I really needed that phone

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  • plz help, what type of markers are u using?

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  • Gives friend a Lamborghini but doesn't let him drive....

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  • Make a custom house

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  • anyone here know anything about paint and that he probably ended up ruining the lambo with that dollar store clear coat??

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  • It cool how u draw on the car

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  • 12:32 A moment of silence

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  • Will the ink actually stay on the car? If you wash it

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  • DID YOU GUYS KNOW THAT Vexx was born in Belgium on August 10, 1998. Self-proclaimed doodler named Vince Okerman and known on TH-vision as Vexx. A skilled illustrator, he has earned more than 1.7 million TH-vision subscribers creating timelapses, art challenges, and drawing tutorials.

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  • Yo this is actually sick, ps. PLEASE CUSTOMISE MY AIR FORCE 1’S PINK LOUIS VITTON 😂😂🤞

  • Bro just draw that’s what you’re best at

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  • I love your channel!! It is my dream to become a artist like you! I have subscribed and I really hope to see all your videos! Thank you for inspiring me. 😁

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  • Thank you for making this video i learned something to this vid(: god bless you

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  • Oh god that clear coat hurt me. That’s not supposed to be used on a car 😭

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  • What name pen you use custom car ?

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  • All I want is a custom phone case ( I’m pretty bad at drawing)

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  • Hi guys I’m going to gave shout outs to random people

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Customizing A Lamborghini, Then Giving It To My Friend!! 🚘🚗 (SATISFYING)