CLUMSY STRUGGLES EVERY GIRL CAN RELATE TO || Awkward Life Situations From Everyday Girly Routine

Beauty is pain! Also it'so much fun🤣! I can't stop laughing watching this red lipstick on Olivia's teeth👄 If you had the same trouble just for once in your life you'll understand how humiliating can be this awkward situation especially when you're on a date or something😉

Funny girly struggles in public place VS alone will remind you some of your friends or maybe even yourself! Epic long and short hair problems are the most painful moments from everyday beauty routine that we all face.
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00:13 Makeup hacks and makeup fails
00:30 How to overcome makeup struggles
01:10 Beauty hacks for girls
01:46 Gym hacks and workout fails
03:29 In public VS alone funny moments
04:05 Short hair VS long hair problems
08:46 Me vs mom struggles
09:58 Funny bloopers
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  • The hair one was in long hair vs short hair struggles

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  • Here’s a hack for long hair and drying it Hold the dryer really close to your hair

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CLUMSY STRUGGLES EVERY GIRL CAN RELATE TO || Awkward Life Situations From Everyday Girly Routine