Taking it back to before I proposed to show you guys the process of . buying Katie b the perfect ring! Knowing this would be a once in a lifetime thing i had to vlog the process. Hope you guys enjoy this video and if you see this comment "Diamond." We love you guys, so glad we are able to share our journey with the Jatie Fam!
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  • I love her half the time Josh and itching the back of his head I feel like he's so nervous well who wouldn't be you're buying your girlfriend an engagement ring listen be for the rest of your life I think he had a good choice

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  • Josh the first time they go to the jewler: **wears a t-shirt and shorts** realizes it too fancy Josh the second time they go to the jewler: **wears a button down**

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  • *How many carats is the ring?!* *2ct ring with a diamond frame which makes it look bigger than what the diamond looks like*

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    • It was posted after the proposal Read the publish date

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  • If Josh like now would’ve saw the cheeta print that woman was wearing he would’ve definitely been like “CAROL BASKINS”😂😂

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  • This is my second time watching this and I am just so happy for Josh & Katie. Seeing the BTS of Josh customizing the ring was beautiful. I just love seeing how much Josh loves Katie and how he treats her like a queen ❤️

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