Boyfriend turns into a Werewolf (Friday Night Funkin’) ANIMATION

This took so long to finish, but it's finally here!!! *woot woot*
I really hope you guys enjoy this animation as much as I did animating it ♡ *beep boop bap*
Disclaimer: DD is not Boyfriend's father! He called him "son" as an expression of endearment/sarcasm only :P
Music used in order:
“Gettin' Freaky - Main Menu” Friday Night Funkin' OST
“Tutorial” Friday Night Funkin' OST
“Dad Battle” Friday Night Funkin' OST
"Halloween Chaser” by TeknoAXE
“Days Like These” by LAKEY INSPIRED
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  • This is so cute!

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  • His last word when the wherewolf bites him: bEeEP BEEP BEPP BEPP BEP BOPPPP pPPOPPPPP

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  • Tu devrais faire une suite😃

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  • Vraiment bravo tu es très fort pour les animations. GG😎👍👏

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  • I discovered this channel from a discord giv that had a watermark in it And thats why you put watermarks in your videos Also i only watched this and im already impressed

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  • LOL how do you have more chesthairs then me 🤣

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  • do boyfriend turns girlfriend into a werewolf :)

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  • 0:26 The boyfriend as if he doesn't care about anything.

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  • 2:35 love moment

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  • Can you thecer me how to draw wolf like you :)

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  • Oh *thats way bf keeps his hand in his pocket*

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  • congrats, you made bf turn into a furry.

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    • Actually its not a furry look at the title name

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  • Draw me as a werewolf!

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    • Or do an animation!

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  • Why wouldn't people this is against the TH-vision rules @dareenyoues u have been warned

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  • I'm mad at boyfriend for not doing WHAT TO DO

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  • Bf:ah Me: *sees* oh f

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  • That girlfriend ripping off her dress it's worse than the gore like dude you made me vomit (not really but it felt so vomitish)

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    • Also you mean this right? 4:21

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    • well the boyfriend one was worst or not worst?

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  • Oh God he’s turning into a furry

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  • Make a part 2

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  • Bf why did you do that to gf :(

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Boyfriend turns into a Werewolf (Friday Night Funkin’) ANIMATION