Blac Youngsta - I Met Tay Keith First (Official Music Video) ft. Lil Baby, Moneybagg Yo

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Gang Gang
Tay Keith, what the fuck up, nigga
Tay Keith, shoot these niggas
901 M-Town shit, bitch
You know i’m first nigga droppin on Tay Keith beats
Before you niggas ever knew about him, on God!
HOOK x2:
I been going hard for the block for the two long
You ain’t try to pulldown shop, nigga move on
I’m in LA in a mansion with the pool on
She was baldhead first till her hair grew long
I ain’t going in the club unless I got the tool on
Go against the gang that’s the way you get shoot on
Code red, I don’t give a fuck who I knew long
Don’t try to fix what you said, nigga you grown
I don’t conversate cause you talk cheap
Whine like a bitch, put him in a car seat
I don’t drink shit but I’m kinda toxi
Shorty kinda thic but she take roxy
I was in the bricks when the narcs pop me
Hating on my pimpin they was tryin knock me
Now imma entertainer like Jamie Foxxy
Look in my eyes you can see what Pac see
I put a hit on my verse
I met Tay Keith first
She gon’ drop it to the floor and make it twerk
If I shot my plug imma make it work
My lil shooters slip and slide, make it surf
Rich nigga healthy, I don’t eat no fruit
I’ll kick shit on your block like im Goku
I’m a real nigga keep it real like I’m suppose to
I’ll pull down with the gloc and soak you
I been going hard for the hood since four feet
The killas, the robbas, the police, they know me
Pop out on us, spin their block on a lowkey
Hit it, spit it, hit it quit it
My Jacket cost four thousand, it Givenchy
A nigga gon go viral, they don’t mention me
Chasing the guap but fuck the penitentiary
I run it up inside a
They starting hitting he didn’t see it coming
Them youngins gon Call of Duty for this money
You want your issue, fuck it push up on me
You ever seen a pistol, it was on me
Ready to handle business by my lonely
But I keep some hittas on me, they be on it
I ain’t fucking with these niggas, they be phony
Keep me a check ahead I put it on it
Beam on the gloc, I gotta new gizmo
Celebrate gang, get a chain and extend
FM bullet put his shit against the window
Fuck with everybody but I bang with the bendo
Hit her first night we met, shit easy
30 on slime you out he greazy
Better not up no gun and don’t squeeze it
Stamping shit my ops and them heated it
Been going federal me and Tay Keith (fact)
G of regular came from AZ (pac)
742 pull up on see me (trap)
392 I lose the police (scat)
I’m that nigga you never gon be
Load the drum like I’m making a beat
A year lease hitta move on your street
Once they crank up it will never be peace
(C) 2020 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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  • the music video is a copy of Rick Ross' "No game" and Future. It is clear

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  • Thought this was going to be about everyone’s experience with Tay Keith. Rando

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  • Blac youngsta is a good rapper, he's getting better too. Being a good rapper is rare nowadays. You can understand everything he says. He knows how to construct a song from start to finish without features. His flow is impeccable on most of his releases. He didnt go too hard on this though, still I enjoyed it.

    TyroneTyrone11 วันที่ผ่านมา
    • I thought he destroyed this but that's Just me, when some give you a boost and starts to make you get jumpy and energetic that's when you know it's fire!

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Blac Youngsta - I Met Tay Keith First (Official Music Video) ft. Lil Baby, Moneybagg Yo