Billie Eilish - Bellyache

Listen to "bellyache" from “dont smile at me":
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Music video by Billie Eilish performing Bellyache. (C) 2017 Darkroom/Interscope Records




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  • Lyrics: Sittin' all alone Mouth full of gum In the driveway My friends aren't far In the back of my car Lay their bodies Where's my mind Where's my mind They'll be here pretty soon Lookin' through my room For the money I'm bitin' my nails I'm too young to go to jail It's kinda funny Where's my mind Where's my mind Where's my mind Where's my mind Maybe it's in the gutter Where I left my lover What an expensive fate My V is for Vendetta Thought that I'd feel better But now I've got a bellyache Everything I do The way I wear my noose Like a necklace I wanna make 'em scared Like I could be anywhere Like I'm reckless I lost my mind I don't mind Where's my mind Where's my mind Maybe it's in the gutter Where I left my lover What an expensive fate My V is for Vendetta Thought that I'd feel better But now I've got a bellyache Maybe it's in the gutter Where I left my lover What an expensive fate My V is for Vendetta Thought that I'd feel better But now I've got a bellyache

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  • This song makes me to cry, to dance, to sing, to be happy, to relax, to imagine, to think clearly, to love❤

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  • Is b her bellyache metaphor for guilt

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  • “But now I got a bellyache” *Pepto Bismol has entered the chat*

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  • I was actually praying to meet her XD

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  • Love it Billie Eilish

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  • Your songs are beatiful!! I love your Billie,I am your fan!!!!

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  • Love You Billie!!!So much!!

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  • Her at 15: Pure Talent Me at 15: *Dad. Can you kill the roach in my room?*

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  • God, would it hurt too open your mouth too sing? What is she even saying?

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  • Billie has make up on?

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  • I love you Billie ❤️🌹😘✨

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  • Your song is the better

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  • Love the song

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  • Dizem por ai que essa é a música mais leve da billie mais ainda sim a música fala umas coisas

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  • 🎉 omg I love this song always sing along to this song

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  • Alguien que la escuche pero hable español xD :v jsjsjs :3

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  • my brain IN THE ONLINE CLASS: but now i got a bellyache :)

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  • To: the people who did like billie.... Billie stans are coming for you

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  • i got a Billieache

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  • I love you Billie ❤️❤️❤️

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  • billie is perfect

  • Her mouth was full a gum came for when Dr .Phill gave Bhad Barbie and now the cops are after billie I'm not a fan but she is sitting all allow so I have to come sit beside her 😭 I made this comment from the first lyric

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  • Rumors had it that she was a bad guy so they arrested her in Belly ache.

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  • 0:34 that mouth move wow

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  • why are the captions yelling at me

  • Love you

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  • No entiendo cómo puede haber gente que no le guste esto esto es arte dame un like a este comentario si opinas lo mismo

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  • Natural green eye... excalent so I didnt misplay. I just believe in the heat of the cards and that's it

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  • WTH It is in the gutter

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  • i really like her style in clothing

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  • Love you billie

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  • Am I the only person who is listening to this song in quarantine? I'm on my dad's account lol

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Billie Eilish - Bellyache