Aiyetoro Town Episode 1- UPGRADE

Having lived in Edinburgh and experienced civilization, The Baale of Aiyetoro village takes on the journey to upgrade Aiyetoro to a town as well as it’s occupants without altering its traditional heritage, customs and traditions.
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  • This movie really blow my mind thumbs up to my brown skin girl aunty Jenny and bro shaggi

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  • Please who is this Shakira girl??

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  • 16:59 “reskeeti ko, resitrosa ni” madddd!!! 😂

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  • How are you? O buru ja 😂😂😂 haunty Jennifa weldone

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  • My world best momma Funke akindele, my crush broder shaki

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  • wish this was in english

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  • Laide can kill person aiyetoro town .....coper ray !!boyfriendmi lol ....

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  • Nice one, keep it up mama

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  • Finally Jennifer teach me another grammarian in this movie, kudos to u ma''re hilarious momma, proud of you always never disappoint me, omojoyibo, funmi Awelewa n ireti oshayemi👍👍👍👍👍👍👍broda shaggy good job😃😃😃😃😃

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  • All the way from brodashaggi

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  • ignore them

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  • seriously,This is big continuation season of JENIFA

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  • English get damage in Aiyetoro ,lol

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  • "Awon bra gucci" 😂😂😂 my belle ooo 😂

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  • Awesome buh I felt the corper was being to harsh being in front of a king telling those people to not waste his Time

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  • Maybe this show will help me learn yoruba ❤❤

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  • Please did anyone no the name of the song,sing before the movie started

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  • Is this the continuation of jennifas diary

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  • Broda Shaggi is a mess😂😂

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  • I need to complete Jenifa Diary before I start this other journey of laughter 🤣🤣🤣. Bro Shaggy dey for Ayetoro ? Da na small fun. Hit the like button if you’re watching from China.

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  • I can't stop laughing, can I upload this video

  • I beg I don laugh tired here o. Make unah hit me if this movie make u forget ur sorrow. Up funke nice job😍😗

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  • If u love episode one # the interview wit adigun, orji , olamilemilionu, ---- lame na orji, orji na name, #karaole ooo, ema gba awon carper yii laye kobimi ni nkankan. #hit likes.

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  • Please Bro Shaggi may u kuku dey sell pant & bra, I dey enjoy your advert 😁😁😁

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  • Where is Wahidi, lol

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  • Laide, aina,bro segi,adigun,amope are just to sweet for this movie.

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  • Watching from malaysia.jenifer want to kill me with laugh ooo with some baddest characters oooo broda segiii self no carry last of all,code of dress awon girls aiyotoro bad gan.

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  • Who did their makeup😂😂

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  • 9 minutes in and I’m done. I’m sure this is a nice series based on everyone’s comments but it’s clearly catered to those who speak Yoruba.

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  • Jenifa the role modem 😂😂😂😂

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Aiyetoro Town Episode 1- UPGRADE